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by on January 30, 2008, 13:06:00
The story of Crazyman is built on much hearsay as his movements are mysterious and he comes and goes like a swift breeze. His first recorded impact with the country of Lovely was when he helped the country come into being in the first place. King Danny had not long been a King and had yet to grow into the role of leader and national inspiration, the fledgling nation was struggling, his efforts to recruit citizens to the cause was going badly he had reached a low ebb.

Then came Crazyman appearing on the jubilee line in London to fill King Danny’s heart with joy and bring new hope to his weary soul, hope that stoked the fire that burns through Lovely to this very day warming our souls and with its purity and metaphorical nature. Crazyman’s enthusiasm to the task was infectious, he believed and supported the country which had yet to have a name with such fervour that none who witnessed him could ever doubt the success of the country that would one day become Lovely.

An artists impression of Crazyman

Crazyman then disappeared, the King searched and still seeks out the old man who helped him so much but Crazyman has other things to do for his ways are wise and mysterious and his help comes to those who need it.

He has appeared many times since according to the tales that are told in Psychocouchpotatoes across the country over a bucket of vodka. It was Crazyman who led the Evil Penguin to the prime location for secret igloo building. Crazyman who turned up and gave Saz a rusk when unruliness was getting out of hand and firm action needed to be taken. Crazyman who led the government of Love/Rev away from the Flat Earth so that they could once again impose a reign of terror, tyranny and tightrope walkers on to the people.

However after each of these events he has quickly vanished (if he was ever there at all) and he takes care never to give his real name. This has led to speculation that he is from the future and has gone back in time to help prevent a terrible event from his timeline coming to pass. How else would he know where to be and when unless he had some future knowledge of events?

Be he from the future or just a drunk who’s become the focal point of outlandish stories one thing is for certain, Crazyman is brilliant and we should keep a look out for him and heed his words.

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1 Re: The Legend of Crazyman by easy tiger on January 30, 2008, 18:29:10
i love him
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