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by Forever A Shorty on May 26, 2008, 03:00:00
Hello there, this is your King (if you don't class me as King, what the fuck are you reading this for?), coming back for some more roundups and complete dribble. Apologies, its been a while since the last one, but this one's finally here.

Some of you know this already, but i shall be heading off to the (*street fighter II voice*) US of A, for 10 days, so most likely wont be on the internet. Queen Lars shall be reigning in my absence. Though given what Jackassy said about Pittsburgh, I probably won't be returning at all (well at least not without being riddled with bullet holes). As my sole heir, Reb shall (if she turns up) be next in line to the throne. Just please leave a national holiday, mourning my demise (and stupidity for going to America). Which leads me to to my next bit. Unfortunately, as most of you are aware, I'm trying desperately to finish my course. Due to the fact that starting it, pretty much coincided with the start of lovely, I've wasted the last 3 years on the internet. So now the hard graft really must start, so I shall be online a lot less from now on. It's got to the stage where I've even been toying with the idea of banning myself completely during the day. I shall of course still be on during nights, but feel free to tell me to piss off, if I'm on for too long during the day. It hurts to not be on, even if its just me clicking the refresh page button waiting for someone to come online, but needs must.

Its really great to see many old faces return this past month or two. Whether you've been away for a few months or even years, we welcome you back with open arms and then slap you for your absence. We also welcome any newbies that have joined. It seems that a lot of newbies tend to sign up but not post. Do not be afraid, we dont bite! Or at least not all of us and those that do, not all of them have rabies. Apologies to all those that I've scared off with my "waves at" threads, but i mean no harm, honest! We all hope you can stay and get into the addiction of posting and in the words of Arnie - "Stick Around".

In other news, the first Lovely Fight Club starts soon. Basically the idea is to pit two ctizens against each other in a battle of wits. So as you can imagine points scored in this competition will be quite low....Since XS has been absent, we're looking for a substitute fighter, so please get on the case should he not turn up. The rules for engagement of battle is posted on the thread and the draw is given below. Keep an eye out for a fight soon!

  • sub v XS/replacement
  • matt v jack
  • milky v steka
  • giddsey v status


  • matt or jack v giddsey or status
  • sub or XS/replacement v milky or steka

As I've said many a times, its up to us to keep this place going and keep things fresh. Keep coming up with fresh projects and the like. We haven't really had many new banners as well as articles recently, so please keep them coming in as well.

I should really finish off with a King's thanks to those that have done us proud since my last newsletter, But quite frankly you've all been a bit rubbish, so I'm not going to bother. If you think someone deserves their name in lights (without the lights) in my next newsletter, then please nominate them by pming me and explaining the reasons why.

Until next time (should I survive that is).

The King (#2)
800 Views | Rating: (3 rates)
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