December 2020


Most people like to use the best feng shui for bedroom (ฮวงจุ้ยห้องนอนที่ดี, which is the term in Thai), as it gives them positive vibes when they start their morning. So, to make your days happening, you need to apply the Feng Shui philosophy in your life, and the bedroom can be the best place to use the philosophy.

You sleep on an average of about 6-8 hours. Therefore, when you use the best feng shui for the bedroom to absorb the positive energies while sleeping.To improve the feng shui in your house, you can engage a renovation company to change the layout towards positive energy.In this article, we will help you pick up some of the best feng shui that you need to use in your bedroom.

Use Head Board

You might not find anything good about the headboards. But, the headboard has a lot of quality. A headboard resembles the stability and support in your life. Moreover, headboards also represent your romantic relationships. So, make sure you fasten the Headboards securely to the bed, which can help you further to enjoy your romantic life with your partner.


Things you store underneath your bed impact the energies. When you sleep, the item you keep under the bed can interact with your passive “yin” state. Anything that is not meant to be underneath your mattress must be removed. The items like Shoes, the letter from the ex, luggage need to be placed somewhere else. You need to clear the space under your bed and let the qi (life energy) flow freely around you when you sleep.

EMFs in the Bedroom

The presence of electric device disrupts sleep and affects the circadian rhythms. If you are suffering from a lack of quality sleep, you need to consider lowering the EMF in your room. For that, you need to cut down the electronic device in your room. Therefore, it is the best feng shui for the bedroom you can try and enjoy sleep quality.

Feng Shui-Friendly Colors

You need to choose the color in your bedroom that resembles your lifestyle and desires. If you need more passion in your bedroom, then a few splashes of red color can help increase the passion in your life. Just like red, every color resembles something. For instance, green and earthy neural color provides comfort, whereas blues are good for healing. Therefore, pay attention to what color attracts you the most and what you get from seeing the color.

Garden buildings are the place where you can stay in shelters. And those shelters are full of facilities that a person needs basically. Indeed, these garden houses are popular now. Because the view from those garden houses is very beautiful and adorable. Here you can spend your time peacefully and without disturbance. In the hill areas, you will find out more garden houses even people make it their business and also this business is very successful now. Because people like to visit hill areas and it is well known to all, that the environment and view of the hill areas are fabulous. And anyone can be convinced of their beauty. That’s the biggest reason that this business of garden buildings is successful.

Not just business, but it is the place where you can go to give your mind and body a new air and new view that affects you and gives you new feeling and also positivity. Here you can express your feelings, enjoy yourself, even you can also go there with your family. It is the best place to enjoy and make memories. Garden buildings are very attractive and decorated. These are designed in such a way that everyone can enjoy nature and as well as do their work. Here anyone can visit.

Best designed and full of facilities

These garden buildings are designed by the big architectures and they beautifully designed them and also decorate them with the things that can fetch anyone towards them. Here you get your needed things and do not need to do any work or ask for the management team. Even you get some special benefits at them but you have talked with the management for this. They provide their customers with all the services rapidly and make sure that theircustomer doesn’t feel uncomfortable in any way.

You can also search for garden buildings online. You can click on website to know about garden buildings. When you search on the internet you get numbers of garden building links and all are of the different providers. You can choose any of the garden building providers and book your shelter, shed, or house. You can also check for the prices of the shelter on different sites and select the one that is affordable to you. These garden buildings are very popular among people because of their services, facilities, and teamwork.

Hundreds and hundreds of Web companies with thousands of web hosting plans competing for the company can quickly become quite confusing. Furthermore, it is easy to see how someone who simply wants to start a Virtual Business and make money online can get discouraged easily. Also, all technical geek terms like bandwidth. With the growth of the online business, web hosting needs are growing and becoming complex. Free and low-cost web-hosting plans may have been good during the startup phase, but if the website becomes lent as it continues to grow and user traffic increases then web-hosting can begin to be strengthened.

Shared web hosting: 

The website is located on a server that other websites share. The benefit of this setup is the cost of sharing. The greatest drawback of a shared hosting account is that other websites on their server are at the mercy of people. A popular site can have negative effects on its site performance. However, they are the most popular website on the cheap servers and use a super server at a very low cost. 

Reseller Web Hosting: 

Reseller hosting packages are essentially a common hosting account with additional resources to resell hosting. Reseller packages provide more technological power, software charging to assist in the invoicing of customers and additional benefits.

Cloud-based web hosting: 

Cloud-based web hosting refers to a very modern hosting system allowing hundreds of servers to work together in a giant manner. The idea is to incorporate more commodity hardware as the needs expand, making the hosting company an increasingly larger grid or cloud.

Private Virtual Server: 

Virtual private servers share a physical server, but are different servers. A VPS is a step between shared accommodation and the development of their dedicated computer. Even if each VPS instance shares hardware resources, a particular portion of the computing resources is allocated.

Dedicated web server: 

If a customer has a dedicated server, it is a hosting company that rents one physical server. If people want it, they should have complete power. With a dedicated server, they do not need a shared server that takes up the energy and slows down the website to think about other websites.

At present, when buy PC computers in UK, people not only pursue the superiority of performance, but also put forward higher requirements for the convenience of personal computers. In this way, people can work anytime and anywhere and learn information from all over the world. Today, we will learn about the new star of a light and thin computer-HONOR MagicBook 14.

The 14-inch Lightness is a New Fusion of Beauty and Vision.

Lightness is the first experience for many people in this HONOR MagicBook 14 Ryzen version. When the user gets it from the packaging box, he can hold it in one hand. It weighs about 1.38 kg. You can hold it in your hand. Sitting on the sofa can also make it stretch on your legs, and you don’t seem to feel its weight. In terms of fuselage thickness, HONOR MagicBook 14 Ryzen is about 15.9 mm thinner. If you measure this thickness with a ruler, you will better feel its design beauty. All-metal fuselage will make you feel its texture design. It won’t be like some plastic materials, which make you imperceptible of quality. The HONOR MagicBook 14 Ryzen has a size control of 322.5 mm x 214.8 mm x 15.9 mm. It can be easily packed into a backpack. In addition, HONOR MagicBook 14 Ryzen version also provides one USB-C interface, one USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, one USB2.0 interface, one HDMI interface and one 3.5 mm earphone interface, which can meet our requirements for interfaces.

Better Screen

The MagicBook 14 Ryzen version has a visual angle of 178 degree. The screen ratio of 16: 9 and the narrow border of 4.8 mm on the upper, left and right sides. With the screen resolution of 1920×1080, we can feel the display effect of this laptop.

Visible Performance

We must know that for the laptop, what you can see at a glance is the performance of the laptop besides its appearance. I think this is the easiest thing we can apply. This in itself meets our performance requirements. The HONOR MagicBook 14 introduced this time uses AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor. In terms of graphics cards, a dual-channel memory design is used. One thing must be mentioned: the full series of PCIe SSD high-speed solid-state drives. It compresses the runtime for reading, storing, and compressing large files. From the perspective of configuration, this laptop fully meets our pursuit of performance. Whether it is the game ability or the daily work requirements, it can make its performance characteristics appear.

As a light and thin HONOR MagicBook 14 Ryzen version, it can meet our daily needs in light and thin. It has simple design of appearance. The endurance guarantee brought by 56Wh battery and 65W fast charging is good. It has a cost-effective price. For young students and white-collar workers in the workplace, it is a reliable choice.

2020 ruined a lot of plans for everyone. All your traveling plans may have been canceled, and you may have been stuck at home for the longest time ever. Now that the holiday season is upon us, the year-end parties you were used to may have also gone virtual. Though this doesn’t give you the same feel as going out and trading gifts in person, this doesn’t mean the holidays will feel blue.

Here’s how to prepare for the end of the year with a cheery attitude despite everything:

Prioritize yourself

Moms know the stress of having to prepare for family celebrations. There’s the grocery shopping and the endless gift-wrapping. There’s the holiday planning and, if you’re doing a family reunion, the accommodating. Before you work on your checklist of things to do, tick off the most important task: care for yourself. As you shop online for everyone’s gifts (making it easier to hide their presents and to stay safe!), add sheet masks for yourself. Then, take five minutes of your time to apply these, letting your skin soak up the nutrients from the mask as you wrap gifts or plan the Christmas menu. Give yourself a long, relaxing bath (red wine optional) after calling everyone and informing them of the family’s plans for the holidays. Whatever you do, always remember that you deserve a reward, too.

Dress for the cheers

You might not realize it, but the clothes you choose to wear have an impact on your mood. It’s hard to stay cheerful for the holidays when you haven’t taken a bath and are living in your sweatpants and hoodies. Take out your ugly sweaters and put on a silly Santa hat, then play some Christmas music. You’ll instantly notice the shift in your mood and if they’re not enough, spend a couple of hours looking for holiday recipes on Pinterest to get your creative and cheery juices going. It’s even more fun if you can get the whole family in their holiday spirits, so that even if you’re planning a simple online get-together, the mood still fits the theme.

Edit the guestlist

One of the reasons it’s overwhelming to plan year-end parties, even virtually, is because it’s hard to get people to cooperate. There’s always that one person who can’t seem to remember what time the event will start, and there’s that complainer who will never get tired of reminding everyone that your plan is an inconvenience to them. Ask yourself if these people are worth inviting in the first place. Spare yourself the multiple missed phone calls or the endless conversations reminding them of the details. You get to decide who joins your event, virtual or not, and if there are ways to make the whole planning less stressful, go for it. Even if it means your second cousin will not be a part of it.

Holidays are for celebration and gift-giving. It’s not the time of the year to be blue. When you feel lacking in the holiday spirit, turn to self-care and dress the part to keep the ball rolling.