May 2021


Food is the most important source of energy. It’s a basic human need for living things to survive. Ever since the evolution of mankind, humans have tried to develop their food culture by various means. Cultivation and gardening were great discoveries, humans after discovering fire and how to control fire, started making food by cooking it on the fire or heat, this tasted better. So ever since humans were always trying to think ahead of time. Fruits and vegetables are found plenty in summer seasons, these foods are fresh and nutritious, but when it comes to winter, vegetables are not found in abundance, so to avoid hunger and starvation, humans started to practice food preservation. 

Food preservation is the way to keep the nutritious element of the food for the desired period. That is where the ancient practice of food preservation started. In modern times, many technologies have evolved but still hunger is a major problem in some parts of the world. So to avoid wastage of food and to get the optimum use of the food produced, foods like fruit and vegetable preservation (การ ถนอม ผัก, which is the term in Thai) are very important. Some foods by using some microorganism can make many wonderful beverages like wine, beer, and pickles are made by food preservation.

In this era of the supermarket and good storage facilities, people lack knowledge about fruit and vegetable preservation because all types of food and fruits are available in all seasons in these supermarkets, but it is very important to know about the basic methods of food preservation. These methods are very useful and prevail even in modern times in rural areas and in some traditional households where supermarkets are not readily available.

Some Of The Most Common Methods Of Fruit And Vegetable Preservations Are:


Drying is the method where fruits and vegetables are dehydrated and all the moisture is taken out of the food completely. Due to the lack of moisture, bacterial and yeast growth are restricted and thus preserving the food. The food is either air-dried or sun-dried or sometimes through smoking or freezing.


Canning refers to storing into some containers, vegetables, and fruits are cut into small pieces and then kept in a jar where it is heated to a high degree to kill any microorganism which can spoil the food.

Sugaring Or Salting

Salting and sugaring is a great form to preserve food. Salt and sugar due to osmotic pressure all the water out of the food.

Business owners examine cutting tools for new projects and find that laser cutting tools could provide a competitive edge over other businesses. With the laser cutters, the business could perform more processes faster and get more out of their investments. They could also capitalize on more business opportunities.

You Can Be More Flexible

The company can be more flexible with their product designs if they switch to a laser cutting tool. The tools can complete a variety of projects quickly and present the company with more opportunities. The business is not limited to cutting in a straight line with the laser cutters, and they can create incredible patterns on a variety of materials. These opportunities could generate more revenue and give them better choices overall.

All Cuts Are Precise

The laser cutters complete precise cuts as expected, and the workers just have to enter the details using the interface and start the machine. With the precise cutting, the business will not generate higher costs because of material waste, and they can save a lot more on material expenses. The company could offer exceptional products for their clients and finish the projects in a speedy manner. Since the laser cutters do not require much interaction from the workers, the workers can set up the project on the interface and move along to the next step in the process. Business owners who need more information can start by contacting a supplier now.

You Can Repeat Jobs Quickly

A great aspect of laser cutters is repeatability, and the workers won’t spend a lot of time setting up previous projects. They can search for the project name or the client’s name in the database and set up the job in seconds. Next, the workers load the materials onto the machine and get started. Businesses with repeat customers that want the same products could serve their clients better with the laser cutting tools.

Increase the Speed of Production

Another amazing benefit of laser cutting tools is that they are faster than standard cutting tools, and the company could complete more cuts each day. For manufacturers, this could allow them to build their inventory and get more out of the resources. They won’t have to wait for workers to cut each individual piece on their own, and the process takes less time. By choosing laser cutting tools, the business could complete more projects faster and build a vast inventory of products.

Setting Up Automated Processes

Automated processes also save companies time and money, and they can complete their projects faster by adding robotics. With robotics, they can set up the machines to load the materials onto the laser cutters and remove the materials once they are cut.

Business owners search for better cutting tools when they are ready to expand and provide new services for clients. Laser cutting tools are a great choice for companies, and they do not take up as much time as standard cutting tools. Business owners can learn more about the products by contacting a supplier now.


When you sit with your family to watch some of the best comedies and dramas that do not have any viewer’s discretion, you can check out GaaliSampath film. This is one of the best Telugu movies to watch online, and a lot of people out streaming this movie on the largest Telugu movies streaming app that is aha. It is very easy to watch this if you have the application on your mobile phone, and you can see this film on various other devices like laptops and smart TVs. You just need the right application, and you can watch Rajendra Prasad in GaaliSampath. So without further ado, let’s get to know a little bit about the crew, cast and the story.

Anish Krishna directed the film GaaliSampath, and it was produced by producers like S. Krishna, who also provided the story, Harish Peddi and SahuGarapati. The film also featured many popular actors like Rajendra Prasad as GaaliSampath, Sree Vishnu as Suri, Lovely Singh as Papa, Tanikella Bharani as Station Master, Satya as GaaliSampath’s translator, Raghu Babu as Veerabhadram, Anish Kuruvilla as Bank Auditor, SrikanthIyengar as Bank Manager, Srinivasa Reddy as Driver and many more. If you are willing to watch a comedy, has slice-of-life elements and has a beautiful ending, you should Telugu movies watch online on aha.

The film centres on the father-and-son duo GaaliSampath and Suri, who work every day to make ends meet. They do not have anything much rather than each other because they both have lost many things in life. Going back to the past, GaaliSampath was a radio jockey and an aspiring actor; however, he lost his voice along with his beloved wife on a sad rainy day. Suri also loses his mother at an early age and grows as a motherless lad with a respiratory problem. He has become a truck driver, and thus, he earns very little, which haunts him because he wants to get married to the village chief’s daughter. However, he still gathers some courage and approaches the village chief to convince him about getting Suri and his beloved married. Suri rushes to the bank to get a loan for the marriage as soon as he receives the blessings of the village headman. The bank manager provides 5 lac rupees because he pays it back within a week’s notice.

Sampath does not know about the marriage but knows that his son has borrowed a loan from the bank that he won’t pay back alone. He receives an opportunity to win a competition giving 5 lac rupees as prize money. However, his friend, providing him with the opportunity, asks him to ruin the village chief’s daughter’s marriage, and he does so, not knowing that he is ruining his son’s marriage. Watch GaaliSampath movie online to see how the story ends by understanding what is most precious. Also, download AHA to stream in the best quality!

Imagine heading through a cancer scan and learning you develop stage 1 tumours, one of Singapore’s most prevalent cancers among men and women.

The cancer is developing in the intestine or rectum wall at this time, but it is not affecting the surrounding tissue.

You still have a fair chance of recovering from surgery.

The Costs in Cancer Treatment 

One of the concerns is contracting a serious disease such as cancer.

With medical expenses at a 10% annual rate, you should expect an average medical bill in Singapore to grow significantly over time.

The next concern we have is whether we will be able to afford cancer care.

Surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy are the most common cancer therapies, although there are also treatment options available.

The therapy will take years, and even then, there is no real solution, and it will recur.

Cancer therapies are costly as a result of these factors, and late-stage cancer will cost $100,000 to $200,000 per year.

What does a serious early illness (ECI) scheme cover? 

Early phases of CI are usually not included by a CI contract because they fall outside of the LIA scope for serious illnesses.

However, even though the disease is in the early stages, the seriousness of acute diseases should not be underestimated.

Early-stage cancer insurance proposals fill up the gaps in this situation.

When you’re hospitalised with a serious insured condition, you get a lump-sum payment.

And, embarking on the journey of establishing a business, you may ask, “how to start a payment processing company?” Research market demands, outline a comprehensive business plan, secure reliable banking partnerships, adhere to regulatory standards, and develop user-friendly payment solutions. By blending innovation and expertise, you can navigate this lucrative landscape successfully.

This lump sum, similar to a CI account, will be used to assist you with any financial outlay you can experience as a result of catching the illness.

For example, you can need to take dietary pills, use walking aids, or pay for transportation to and from the hospital.

The following are the main characteristics of an ECI plan: 

  • A lump-sum payment in the event of a serious covered disease
  • A small one-time death bonus

What else it includes? 

  • Allowing for multiple claims
  • Additional payment for unique treatment scenarios or complications
  • Additional protection for special or juvenile cases
  • Waiver of additional insurance if a claim is effective
  • Staying well comes with a monetary reward.

When will it be paid out? 

You will be paid if you are diagnosed with any of the covering diseases, which can occur at any point of a serious disease.

Early-stage cancer insurance covers you a portion of the amount assured (generally 20-30%), while big stage cancer insurance pays you 100% of the sum assured.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance at an Early Age

Health insurance is a true friend who is always there for us anytime we need it. While there is no set age for purchasing health insurance, it is still a good idea to begin as soon as possible. When you buy a health care policy early in life, you get a lot of advantages. Let’s look at the advantages of purchasing health care premiums online at a young age.

Lower premium

Many people wonder if their health care rates rise as they get older. And the cost of health care rises as you get older—the greater the risk, the greater the premium. A 21-year-old, for example, is less susceptible to infections than a 51-year-old. If you buy a health care package when you’re young, you will get a lot of coverage at a low price.

Lesser exclusions

To keep the risk rate down, health insurance providers often enforce exclusions on any illnesses you’ve had or diseases that are likely to arise in the future. You will not be able to enjoy the entire cover if you have those exclusions. You are more likely to enjoy a full-fledged insurance cover if you purchase it early because you are not recovering from any serious or significant illness.

No Health Checkup

You are not expected to get a medical check-up until you are young. However, most insurance providers want you to get a compulsory health check-up after the age of 50. If the results reveal health problems or a high BMI, one will be required to pay a higher loading on the premium rate, resulting in a rise in health insurance rates.

Given the high cost of recruiting a foreign domestic worker, it’s critical to find a programme that not only offers enough coverage but also falls into your budget. Any employer is required to purchase maid insurance. It’s important to understand which maid insurance is good and what kind of coverage, salary compensations, and outpatient costs are covered by the scheme.

In Singapore, what does maid insurance cover? 

Beyond the bare minimums, not all maid insurance providers have the same benefits and bill accordingly. Clinical and administrative costs are usually covered by most insurers. The below are some of the advantages of a standard maid insurance policy:

  • Reimbursement for surgical expenses
  • Coverage for repatriation costs
  • Insurance from criminal responsibility
  • Medical and dental coverage

Any insurers may have additional benefits such as:

  • Third-party liability
  • Wage compensation
  • Theft

Singapore’s maid insurance rules 

  1. Health insurance: $15,000 annually. Cover day surgery & inpatient care
  2. Personal injury insurance: Up to $60,000 annually. Covers rapid, unforeseen, and unanticipated injuries that end in permanent injury or death.

How to pick the right FDW insurance policies? 

Choosing the right maid insurance package could be more difficult than it seems. This is due to the fact that not all companies consider the same things. Few people tend to buy lower-cost plans as long as they meet MOM standards, while others want additional incentives or coverage.

However, if you’re hunting for the right maid policy in Singapore, look for policies that have more medical benefits for your peace of mind.

If you wish to avoid the hassle of reviewing insurance plans, the FDW agency will assist you. Any FDW departments have business relationships with insurance providers. When an individual employs an FDW from one of these companies, they get maid protection as part of the recruiting deal.

If you employ a maid from a maid agency that provides a maid insurance cover but chooses to buy a separate form of insurance in Singapore, you can opt-out and do the required paperwork on your own.

5. Lake Como

Against the foothills of the Alps in an area with extraordinary scenery is the Lombardy region of Italy. This is also where we will find Lake Como which has emerged as one of the upscale resort areas in Italy. There is a beautiful lake which is shaped like a Y which has been turned upside down. It is at the bottom of one of these branches when you will find the city of Como which is an area which is known for its Renaissance architecture. There is also a cable car which can be used to reach the mountain town of Brunate. A luxury mansion can be purchased for approximately €19 million according to property experts Wales Cash Buyers.

4. Positano

On the Amalfi Coast of southern Italy you will find the Cliffside village of Positano. Over the decades it has emerged as one of the best-known holiday destinations in all of Italy. It is an absolutely alluring village because of the pebble beachfront and then there are also idyllic cafes and boutiques which can be reached by traveling on steep, narrow streets. One of the important attractions in the area is Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta. It is possible to travel from Positano to other coastal towns by making use of the Sentiero degli Dei hiking trail. A luxury mansion can be purchased for approximately €21 million.

3. Cortona

One of the popular hilltop towns in Italy can be found in Tuscany and this town is known as Cortona. One of the most important attractions in this area is the Etruscan Academy Museum where people can see an extensive collection of ceramic, bronze and also funerary items which provides an overview of the Etruscan past of this beautiful town. There is also an Archaeological Park at this museum which provides access to multiple sites involving things such as Roman roads as well as city fortifications. The town also has a Renaissance-era cathedral as well as the Diocesan Museum with exhibits such as paintings and ancient furnishings. Upscale mansions can be purchased for around €23 million. For a quick sale to a cash buyer, you may get cheaper.

2. Arezzo

In the eastern parts of Tuscany in Italy is the city of Arezzo. Overlooking the city is the hilltop Arezzo Cathedral with its beautiful painted vaulted ceilings and there is also a15th-century fresco of Mary Magdalene which has been done by Piero della Francesca. More of the frescoes which have been done by Piero can be seen in the Basilica di San Francesco in the chapel. Many visitors also go to Basilica di San Domenico in order to see for themselves the13th-century “Crucifix” painted by Cimabue. €35 million might be needed for the purchase of a luxury mansion.

1. Florence

The capital city of Italy’s Tuscany region is Florence which has become very well-known for the abundance of ancient masterpieces such as Renaissance art and architecture. One of the primary attractions is the Duomo which is a cathedral which has been capped by a terracotta-tiled dome. This was the work of Brunelleschi while the bell tower is attributed to Giotto. Thousands of people visit Galleria dell’Accademia in order to see Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture. €48 million will be required to purchase one of the upscale mansions in this area. If sellers want to sell their homes quickly, you may pick up a bargain.

The AR-10 is a very popular rifle where AR stands for the Armalite corporation. It turns out to be the instant hit with the military design that is scaled down to the 5.56 round. The creation of them-16 had come up as beneficial. Overall the original AR-10 never died. However, it never took off but came with the new design for giving a huge competitive advantage to the users. The best part is that the precision rifle with the enhanced upper and the lower will make sure that you will get the complete advantage with the build quality.

The AR 15 comes in two different rifles, but they always belong to the same family.  Such standards are contributing to the popular media that would have believed the AR as the potential rifle for the needed benefits. The name stands for the Armalite rifle and not the assault rifle. There comes a major difference between the AR 15 and the AR-10 in caliber. It sets in the form that the AR 15 is designed to be quite light and is good for firing the smaller rounds of 5.56 or .223 caliber. On the other hand, you will get the AR-10 rifle that will be helping you to stop firing whenever you need to stop it quickly. These are the ones that have been designed for firing up to 7.62 and .308 caliber ammo.

So what is the reason behind choosing the AR-10?

People are always curious about what makes AR-10 such a competitive piece, and the fact that the AR-10 utilizes the heavier rounds means that it will be working in the form of an effective tool for hunting as well as the ability to physically putting down most of the large animals in the united states or even the abroad.  Make sure that this is the perfect hunting rifle in the right hand will give a competitive advantage. The assembled AR-10 rifles will be working in the form of fantastic accuracy at extreme dangers. It sometimes turns out to be more expensive to bring home ammo first feeding the beast.

So you can choose the AR-10 that will be giving you plenty of advantages. However, certain parts turn out to be interchangeable in both the model. They’re like the hammer springs and hammers, assemblies and the trigger screen bolt launcher bolt, roll pin, trigger guard assembly, safety selectors, release buttons, magazine release springs, receiver extension of the buffer tube, disconnectors and the disconnectors spring, takedown springs with the takedown detent, to name a few.

Final words

Both the grades AR-10 and AR 15 are so similar. Choosing a rifle with heavier ammunition along with a flat trajectory is a must. The AR-10 turns out to be also working for the longest effective range that makes it better compared to the AR 15.