September 2022


If you plan to sell custom-made rugs, why not add your company logo to the rugs? Your company logo can be added to floor mats and rugs for a variety of benefits. These benefits are magnified when they are used in high-traffic areas like entranceways, workstations, or points-of-purchase (POS) areas.

Promotion And Marketing For No Cost To The Recipient

You have more chances to promote your brand’s image and the better. You will need to be creative when deciding where your floor mats should go. Your company is the obvious choice, but there are other options. You might also consider providing a safety and function mat for the events you sponsor, or for those held in shared lobbies in your local community. It’s a win-win scenario. The recipient will save money, and you’ll have the perfect platform to promote and advertise your business. The logo floor mats are a reminder of your brand even when customers are not in your business or lobby.

It’s Both Entertaining And Pleasant For The Eyes

If you’re looking for creative ways to brighten up your space, consider having a Custom Rug With Logo made with a unique pattern. You could print your company logo in a color that contrasts well with the mat’s darker color, but there are other options. In recent years, design technology has advanced to create bespoke rugs with logos. There are many creative ways that a mat or rug can be made into an attractive and entertaining part of your decor.

Floor Mats Make It Easy To Maintain A Professional Appearance

You probably want to lower the chance of slips and falls by adding rugs or floor mats to your business lobby. Although safety is the main reason mats are placed where they are, it’s important to remember that they can also help keep your business clean. They will clean your entranceway of dirt, debris, and water. It will also keep your business’s floors clean. You can also place them in areas where employees are likely to stand for long periods or where lines tend to form. This will ensure that high-traffic areas are not worn down unevenly.

Use It As An Element Of Your Display

You might consider including a floor mat in your display if you will be attending an off-site convention. It is a great idea to personalize even the smallest pop-up shops or displays by using one of your floor mats. It is an easy branding strategy that can work well when you sell your products or services at a different location. This piece is also great for owners of mobile businesses.

There are many reasons to consider having custom-made rugs made with your logo, branding, or event-specific creative’s. If it is kept clean and cared for properly, a quality mat will last at least one year. However, it may not last as long in areas that see heavy foot traffic.

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