Sitting in front of a screen has never been this comfortable as it is now with a desk monitor mount. Desk monitor mounts are, thus, getting very popular, and they deserve every bit of this popularity. Wondering, why? If yes, then this guide about the amazing features of 4 monitor mounts at is just the correct read for you. Go through the list to explore some of the best options around you.

  1. Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount

With a rotation angle of 360°, this is an absolute stunner that can hold two monitors, one in each arm. Its features that you must explore are listed below. 

  • Each arm can be swiveled by ±90°.
  • It enjoys a ±45° tilt adjustment. 
  • Each arm is designed to hold monitors between 13″ to 27″.
  • Each arm can hold 8kgs of load easily. 
  1. Ergonomics Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

This wonderful desk mount at prime cables is designed to accommodate LCD monitors between 13″ to 27″. Some of its interesting features that are just too good to ignore are listed below. 

  • It offers a very smooth, full range motion. 
  • It can be swiveled by ±90° so that you find the perfect viewing angle. 
  • Its inbuilt spring gauge does all the weight management. 
  • Its arm is made longer and wider for better comfort. 
  1. Triple Screen Desktop Mount

With an interesting concept of holding 3 monitors together, this monitor mount is designed to hold monitors between 10″ to 30″, not more than 25″ wide, at the same time. Some of its features that you should know before you buy it are listed below. Have a look! 

  • Its swivel angle is ±90°. Hence, you can adjust each monitor until you get the perfect viewing angle. 
  • Also, it can be tilted by -85°/-15°.
  • It can be rotated by 360°.
  • It can also be height adjusted. 
  • It has cord clamps that help in cable management. 
  1. 2 Way Adjustable Tilting Monitor Desk Mount Bracket

Designed with the capacity to hold weight as high as 33 lbs, this monitor mount also has the following features that you must know about. 

  • It can accommodate monitors between 13-30 inches. 
  • It’s height adjustable anywhere between 8.75″ ~ 15″.
  • It can be swiveled by ±90°.
  • It can be tilted by ±12°.
  • It can be rotated by 360°.

These are our 4 best monitor mount picks that’ll offer maximum comfort. You can also look at the PrimeCables website, to explore an even wider range of monitor mounts that they offer.