The brain is the vital organ in the human body. It controls all the body systems in general and is considered to be the central computer controlling the whole body. A healthy brain does not only make a person be able to be intelligent, but also be able to survive life as a social creature. There are many ways or remedies available online or we heard of enhancing brain functions. This includes taking supplements such as the ginkgo tablets.

Ginkgo tablets are made from the plant called ginkgo biloba, a huge tree that is characterised by the fan-shaped leaf and the oldest trees to exist on this earth. It is a plant originated from China and surprisingly is used extensively in both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. It may seem the leaf is the main star of a ginkgo supplement but its seed and nuts also prove to be beneficial for human health. In the oriental country, ginkgo is also used in cooking or garnishes.

One of the most prominent benefits of taking ginkgo biloba is its effect on the brain. Ginkgo biloba has been proved to have effects on the brain cognitive function. What is actually the brain cognitive function? It is defined as the mental process that allows humans to work with information in a meaningful way, to develop and recover information received. This means that cognitive function is what helps us humans to have the ability to learn, think, memorise, solve problems and speak. This function of the brain tends to decline as a person ages.

Ginkgo biloba helps improve the brain cognitive function by improving the brain structures itself. The ageing process causes changes of the brain responsible for cognitive function. Such changes are part of the progression of a normal ageing process but can easily be fastened if there are not many antioxidants in the body to help slow down the process. The ageing process causes damage to the brain cells due to the accumulation of free radicals that is harmful for body cells’ viability.

Ginkgo biloba helps to improve blood flow to the brain which then helps the brain cells to thrive. It also acts as great antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that can counter the free radicals from continuously affecting the brain cells. By doing all this, ginkgo biloba is able to help preserve the brain functions and protect the brain cells from damages caused by the ageing process due to its neuroprotective effects. Eventually, progression of neurodegenerative diseases among the elderly such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be slowing down and their brain cognitive function may be preserved.

Aside from the brain-cognition effects, benefits of ginkgo biloba are it helps to improve the cardiovascular health and the eye by promoting good blood flow to the respective organs. Other benefits are it helps to improve a person’s mental health by improving the depressive symptoms and to help those with vertigo to have less episodes, reduce duration and the intensity of each episode. Not to forget, ginkgo biloba can help improve the energy level so that you are less likely to become easily fatigued.

In essence, ginkgo biloba has been proven to have many benefits for humans, especially for the brain. A healthy brain does not only depend on food or supplements to improve its function but also a healthy lifestyle. Being both mentally and physically fit can greatly aid with brain function. If you are planning to take ginkgo biloba tablets as a supplement, you should seek advice from your healthcare providers before taking one especially if you have other medical conditions or on other medications.


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