5. Lake Como

Against the foothills of the Alps in an area with extraordinary scenery is the Lombardy region of Italy. This is also where we will find Lake Como which has emerged as one of the upscale resort areas in Italy. There is a beautiful lake which is shaped like a Y which has been turned upside down. It is at the bottom of one of these branches when you will find the city of Como which is an area which is known for its Renaissance architecture. There is also a cable car which can be used to reach the mountain town of Brunate. A luxury mansion can be purchased for approximately €19 million according to property experts Wales Cash Buyers.

4. Positano

On the Amalfi Coast of southern Italy you will find the Cliffside village of Positano. Over the decades it has emerged as one of the best-known holiday destinations in all of Italy. It is an absolutely alluring village because of the pebble beachfront and then there are also idyllic cafes and boutiques which can be reached by traveling on steep, narrow streets. One of the important attractions in the area is Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta. It is possible to travel from Positano to other coastal towns by making use of the Sentiero degli Dei hiking trail. A luxury mansion can be purchased for approximately €21 million.

3. Cortona

One of the popular hilltop towns in Italy can be found in Tuscany and this town is known as Cortona. One of the most important attractions in this area is the Etruscan Academy Museum where people can see an extensive collection of ceramic, bronze and also funerary items which provides an overview of the Etruscan past of this beautiful town. There is also an Archaeological Park at this museum which provides access to multiple sites involving things such as Roman roads as well as city fortifications. The town also has a Renaissance-era cathedral as well as the Diocesan Museum with exhibits such as paintings and ancient furnishings. Upscale mansions can be purchased for around €23 million. For a quick sale to a cash buyer, you may get cheaper.

2. Arezzo

In the eastern parts of Tuscany in Italy is the city of Arezzo. Overlooking the city is the hilltop Arezzo Cathedral with its beautiful painted vaulted ceilings and there is also a15th-century fresco of Mary Magdalene which has been done by Piero della Francesca. More of the frescoes which have been done by Piero can be seen in the Basilica di San Francesco in the chapel. Many visitors also go to Basilica di San Domenico in order to see for themselves the13th-century “Crucifix” painted by Cimabue. €35 million might be needed for the purchase of a luxury mansion.

1. Florence

The capital city of Italy’s Tuscany region is Florence which has become very well-known for the abundance of ancient masterpieces such as Renaissance art and architecture. One of the primary attractions is the Duomo which is a cathedral which has been capped by a terracotta-tiled dome. This was the work of Brunelleschi while the bell tower is attributed to Giotto. Thousands of people visit Galleria dell’Accademia in order to see Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture. €48 million will be required to purchase one of the upscale mansions in this area. If sellers want to sell their homes quickly, you may pick up a bargain.

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