Getting outside and spending time in the best air is one of the top ways to feel connected to an area. Whether you’re moving to Arlington now or you’ve lived here for a couple of years, it’s never too late to reintroduce yourself to the local greenery and parks.

Consider some of these outdoor spaces soon!

1. Dark Star Park

This park is a strange one to start this list with because it’s the smallest out of all of these. Offering public art and grassy areas married together in beautiful contrast, this is a nice space to walk downtown and relax. The large spheres represent fallen stars and are incredibly cool to interact with.  

Although this is a small area, it has enough room to walk, sit, relax, and breathe that it’s absolutely worth a visit if you’re downtown and tired from a long day.

2. Potomac Overlook Regional Park

At home in the middle of Arlington County, this massive park is full to the brim with walking trails, biking areas, beautiful scenery, basketball courts, barbecue areas, and so much more. This is a great space to get in as much time outside as you possibly can.  

This is an on-leash-only park, so it’s vital that you’re careful if you have a dog and make sure to keep your furry friend close by and leashed. There’s a lot to see and do here, so it’s a great space to take the whole family!

3. Bon Air Park Rose Garden

Shopping for Arlington real estate is exhausting, so why not stop and get some fresh air? If you love flowers and beautiful plants, these gardens will blow you away, from the fantastic roses to the ornamental trees and more. This is the most popular destination in the city for wedding photos, and when you visit, it’s easy to see why.

There are occasional snacks and drinks offered on-site, including sweets, green tea, and many more delicious goodies.

4. Crystal City Water Park

Like a marriage between a garden and a park, Crystal City Water Park offers beautiful water fountains, plenty of shade, and picnic areas so people can spend more time outside. This is a spacious and clean park that allows you to focus on relaxing and enjoying your time here instead of the trash or whether it’s okay to sit down in an area. You’ll see lots of people taking pictures of the surroundings here because it’s stunningly beautiful.  

5. Long Branch Nature Center

This nature center feels like a space you could spend ages exploring! From the camping grounds to the fun cooking and playing spaces. There are even occasional children’s classes to teach them everything from plant recognition to how to complete common outdoorsy and camping tasks.

This is a thoroughly planned park, and every detail shows they care about the result.

Virginia Understands the Importance of Time Outside 

Getting fresh air and enjoying time in nature are some of the most powerful things any person can do for themself. If you’re in the Arlington area, enjoy these fantastic parks!