BBQs2U are barbeque enthusiasts, which can be seen in different BBQ products and accessories sold by them. The company prides itself on selling branded products without compromising on quality. Beginners looking at purchasing their first BBQ equipment can rely on their customer support to guide them to the products as per their requirements.

BBQs2U is a small family business dating back to 3 generations. They go by their motto “Barbecue isn’t a season; it’s a passion a way of life”. They keep sharing photos and videos of their products and aim at educating customers on BBQ.

The latest addition to their BBQ products is the MasterBuilt BBQ series which has charcoal grills for customers who love that added smoky flavour to their food. The added benefit is that these grills can also be used as a pizza oven to make wood-fired pizzas.

The Masterbuilt comes in 3 different models:

  • Masterbuilt 560
  • Masterbuilt 800
  • Masterbuilt 1050

The Masterbuilt 560 Gravity series is a digitally controlled charcoal grill that comes with temperature control. On the left side of the grill stands a shelf with different grill controls. It also comes with a digital control panel that allows people to set the cooking temperature between 225- 700◦F.People can make use of either briquettes or lump coal to ignite the grill.

Another interesting feature of this product is the MasterBuilt App which gives you updates on the grill and food temperature. The app also offers recipes wherein food enthusiasts can try their hand at experimenting with different food items.

Customers can understand better about the Masterbuilt Series by checking out the MasterBuilt BBQ Blog which talks about the benefits of this product.

Some of the key features that people would like to make note of include:

  • 2x reversible cast-iron gates
  • In-built temperature gauge
  • 2x porcelain-coated warming racks
  • GravityFed charcoal hopper
  • Fuel storage capacity of 4-7kg of fuel
  • cm of cooking space
  • The grill can be controlled via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The Masterbuilt 800 series allows people to grill with the traditional grates or with a full flat top griddle. The hopper is large enough to hold charcoal for approximately 10 hours. It also comes with a foldable stainless steel front shelf. When compared to the 560 series, this comes with a cooking space of 5160 sq. cm

The Masterbuilt 1050 series reaches 225°F in 10 minutes. The charcoal hopper can hold up to 4.5 kg of charcoal for up to 8 hours of use. It also comes with reversible smoke, and sear cast-iron grates which users can use to low or high searing. It comes with a cooking space of 6960 sq. cm.

The Masterbuilt series is completely versatile as it gives individuals multiple options to cook their food. This makes it ideal for hosting big get-togethers without the hassles of worrying about cooking a huge meal.

Customers can also purchase accessories such as the MasterBuilt Gravity Series covers for all models. This proves to be useful to protect the grill from dust or harsh weather conditions when not in use.

BBQs2U believes in customer satisfaction. They have a dedicated YouTube channel for people who are interested in knowing about their products and offers if any.

These untidy cooked potatoes utilize simple fixings and aren’t troublesome to redo together with your most wanted of cheese. the sleek cheddar cheese sauce and therefore the delicate potatoes during this exemplary French dish consolidate to form delectably addictive expertise. It’s an unprecedented entremets with a meal pork flank or meat tenderloin. Add an inexperienced serving of mixed greens and French bread, and you’ve got tracked down the black art thanks to a man’s heart. to remain off from irregularities in your sauce, add the milk somewhat at a time as you combine the flour and unfold. Investigation with numerous cheeses for assortment and there you have the best potatoes au gratin

Many people confound cooked potatoes with creamed potatoes, and for a bit, I did as well! The 2 of them comprise daintily, round-cut potatoes, ready in a very stew dish. Also, each area unit is yummy! The issue that matters is that the crenate potatoes area unit is usually cut thicker and canvassed in a very bechamel sauce, imbued with garlic and new spices. What is a lot of, cooked potatoes area unit a lot of slender, canvassed in a very cheddar cheese sauce, and later finished off with a lot of cheddar cheese or bread morsels before being heated? 

The most effective technique to cook Potatoes au gratin  

Preheat the stove to four hundred degrees F (200 degrees C). unfold a medium stew dish. 

When creating cooked Potatoes, I prefer to utilize auburn or Yukon gold potatoes, since they’re higher in starch and therefore able to retain a larger quantity of the sauce and that they hold their form well! 

The secret is to chop your potatoes adequately to fully cook but do not feel that they self-destroy and become soft. I mean to chop my potatoes so that they area unit ¼ in. thick. 

Stack the potatoes in very little lots and later stand them noble in your meal dish. This is often not troublesome to try and makes this potato cooked delightful! It adds each extra surface and flavor with the firm edges on the potatoes. 

Lastly, select what type of cheddar cheese you would like to utilize. Generally, cooked Potatoes use Swiss cheese cheddar cheese. It is also expensive and troublesome to return by. If I discover it, I prefer to mix it in with cheddar cheese. In any case, a lot more than not I utilize a combination of cheddar cheese and Colby Jack. 

In a medium-size pot, soften margarine over medium heat. mix within the flour and salt, and blend frequently with a rush in brief. combine in milk. Cook till the mix has thickened. combine in cheddar cheese at constant time, and keep the intermixture till softened, around thirty to sixty seconds. Pour cheddar cheese over the potatoes, and canopy the dish with aluminum foil. And your potatoes au gratin is ready to serve.