When you sit with your family to watch some of the best comedies and dramas that do not have any viewer’s discretion, you can check out GaaliSampath film. This is one of the best Telugu movies to watch online, and a lot of people out streaming this movie on the largest Telugu movies streaming app that is aha. It is very easy to watch this if you have the application on your mobile phone, and you can see this film on various other devices like laptops and smart TVs. You just need the right application, and you can watch Rajendra Prasad in GaaliSampath. So without further ado, let’s get to know a little bit about the crew, cast and the story.

Anish Krishna directed the film GaaliSampath, and it was produced by producers like S. Krishna, who also provided the story, Harish Peddi and SahuGarapati. The film also featured many popular actors like Rajendra Prasad as GaaliSampath, Sree Vishnu as Suri, Lovely Singh as Papa, Tanikella Bharani as Station Master, Satya as GaaliSampath’s translator, Raghu Babu as Veerabhadram, Anish Kuruvilla as Bank Auditor, SrikanthIyengar as Bank Manager, Srinivasa Reddy as Driver and many more. If you are willing to watch a comedy, has slice-of-life elements and has a beautiful ending, you should Telugu movies watch online on aha.

The film centres on the father-and-son duo GaaliSampath and Suri, who work every day to make ends meet. They do not have anything much rather than each other because they both have lost many things in life. Going back to the past, GaaliSampath was a radio jockey and an aspiring actor; however, he lost his voice along with his beloved wife on a sad rainy day. Suri also loses his mother at an early age and grows as a motherless lad with a respiratory problem. He has become a truck driver, and thus, he earns very little, which haunts him because he wants to get married to the village chief’s daughter. However, he still gathers some courage and approaches the village chief to convince him about getting Suri and his beloved married. Suri rushes to the bank to get a loan for the marriage as soon as he receives the blessings of the village headman. The bank manager provides 5 lac rupees because he pays it back within a week’s notice.

Sampath does not know about the marriage but knows that his son has borrowed a loan from the bank that he won’t pay back alone. He receives an opportunity to win a competition giving 5 lac rupees as prize money. However, his friend, providing him with the opportunity, asks him to ruin the village chief’s daughter’s marriage, and he does so, not knowing that he is ruining his son’s marriage. Watch GaaliSampath movie online to see how the story ends by understanding what is most precious. Also, download AHA to stream in the best quality!

Bone-chilling crime movies are something that people enjoy watching these days. There are so many Indian movies online that come with sinister crime genres that will make you ask for more. OTT platforms, such as AHA, have taken the responsibility to stream some of the best crime movies online, which come with cliffhangers and plot twists along with a hint of thriller. But you are interested in checking some crime dramas, why not go for Forensic? A movie that you will love watching


Forensic is a crime thriller drama created under the direction of Anas Khan and Akhil Paul. It’s produced by Siju Mathew, Navis Xaviour, and Raju Malliath.

The film’s characters are portrayed by stars, such as Mamta Mohandas, Reba Monica John, Tovino Thomas, Srikant Murali, and many more. The movie follows the inexplicable disappearances of young girls from a particular city. To solve the case, a woman police officer and a medico-legal advisor team up together to catching the killer.

The story

Rithika Xavier, a headstrong police officer, is leading a police team to investigate the murder of a child in Thiruvananthapuram. She realizes that there is a serial killer on the loose. To uncover the killer behind the murders of young girls, Rithika is paired up with Samuel John Kattukaran, who is a genius forensic scientist. Both Rithika and Samuel have an old connection. Many things are waiting to be uncovered to lead both Sam and Rithika towards the actual killer who is behind all these murders and other sinister activities.

The Analysis

When Sam makes an entry, right from the presentation and treatment of the character till the very end, showed who will be the one to crack the case. Tonivo did an excellent job in portraying as a forensic scientist. His every gesture and approach were marvelous and well-timed. Each of the scenes was set up with the obvious intent to give him the chance to prove his smartness. The movie writers have invested so much of their precious time deceiving the audience about the serial killer’s identity.

When it was close to the interim, the identity of the killer was provided on a platter. Each actor did an outstanding job, and their acting was on point, but several of the violence, especially applied to kids, was disturbing. It would’ve been much better if the makers were a bit high-strung in several cases. They could’ve given the thrills and chills without showcasing the gore involving minors. The camera work was brilliant and focused on some of the main areas that required it.

Parting Thoughts

Forensic is a movie, which is not for the faint heart. It has ideal scenes for the young audience, and it’s advised that you watch with your family members. Similar to Forensic, you will come across numerous other movies that carry the thriller, suspense, and crime title on them. Make sure to register on the best OTT channel to enjoy fast, free, and some of the best Telugu movies online of all time.