Daniel Donna


Most people like to use the best feng shui for bedroom (ฮวงจุ้ยห้องนอนที่ดี, which is the term in Thai), as it gives them positive vibes when they start their morning. So, to make your days happening, you need to apply the Feng Shui philosophy in your life, and the bedroom can be the best place to use the philosophy.

You sleep on an average of about 6-8 hours. Therefore, when you use the best feng shui for the bedroom to absorb the positive energies while sleeping.In this article, we will help you pick up some of the best feng shui that you need to use in your bedroom.

Use Head Board

You might not find anything good about the headboards. But, the headboard has a lot of quality. A headboard resembles the stability and support in your life. Moreover, headboards also represent your romantic relationships. So, make sure you fasten the Headboards securely to the bed, which can help you further to enjoy your romantic life with your partner.


Things you store underneath your bed impact the energies. When you sleep, the item you keep under the bed can interact with your passive “yin” state. Anything that is not meant to be underneath your mattress must be removed. The items like Shoes, the letter from the ex, luggage need to be placed somewhere else. You need to clear the space under your bed and let the qi (life energy) flow freely around you when you sleep.

EMFs in the Bedroom

The presence of electric device disrupts sleep and affects the circadian rhythms. If you are suffering from a lack of quality sleep, you need to consider lowering the EMF in your room. For that, you need to cut down the electronic device in your room. Therefore, it is the best feng shui for the bedroom you can try and enjoy sleep quality.

Feng Shui-Friendly Colors

You need to choose the color in your bedroom that resembles your lifestyle and desires. If you need more passion in your bedroom, then a few splashes of red color can help increase the passion in your life. Just like red, every color resembles something. For instance, green and earthy neural color provides comfort, whereas blues are good for healing. Therefore, pay attention to what color attracts you the most and what you get from seeing the color.

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