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In this article, we are going to talk about how a person can legally borrow money from a licensed lender. Also, how to know if they are licensed, who are licensed lender, and which are their prohibited practices.

Who are licensed moneylenders?

These are the people or a group of people who have been approved by the law to give loans to people. There are also several rules and regulations which they have to follow to give out loans. These rules have been set by the Ministry of Law, which was made by the Singapore government. These rules and regulations are followed by many lenders and are hence included in the list of licensed lenders.

They will only act as an agent who is responsible for lending money to the borrower. They will have to charge them all the fees and also interest rates according to the rules. If they want to be legal in the market, they have to follow everything that the law states. Then only will they be included in the list of the licensed lender, which is updated almost every month?

Moneylender Singapore gives you a lot of options from which you can choose according to your needs. They will give all the type of loan you want, and each will be of a different price. Also, there will be a huge difference between the interest rate on different loans available.

A licensed lender will never try to interact directly with a borrower as stated in the rules. This is because some of the illegal lenders will meet them and threaten them into taking the loan. So this is the reason why the lender is not allowed to meet the borrower virtually. By virtually, it means they should not even interact with the lender who meets them on call or through ads.

How to know if a moneylender is licensed or not?

It is made compulsory by the MinLaw that the people should know which are legal and which illegal. This is to save them from getting scammed in the market. Also, they can save their money this way. Moneylenders are strictly told not to contact borrowers through SMS, email, or phone call.

You should automatically know which lender is legal and which is illegal by this. The moneylender is also given some rules to give you loans at a fixed rate of interest. Also, the amount for which the loan can be given and also the fees are fixed. If you have to repay the late repayment fees, you only have to pay $60 a month.

These are some of the rules and regulation which all the lender have to follow to stay legal. They have also made this a compulsion that the lender can only take a maximum of 4% interest on all loans. If any of the lenders found breaking this law will be fined and also jailed.

The people can also report any kind of behaviour to the MinLaw, and they will investigate further. The licensed moneylender has a policy where they never try to contact or give anything online. They will have to meet face to face if they want to give a loan policy to the borrower.

What are some prohibited practices of moneylenders?

There is much different practice which a lender does, and some of them are prohibited. These prohibited activities can be used by the lender to scam some people. Here are some of the prohibited activities to look out for in a lender.

  • The use of abusive language and also an aggressive tone is used by the illegal lender.
  • The legal lender is never allowed to ask for your SingPass Id and also password.
  • They will not give back NRIC, Personal ID card, and also ATM card or passport.
  • They will never ask you to sign a blank contract before making the terms and conditions.
  • They are not even allowed to give out loans to the people before explaining to them the terms and conditions.
  • They cannot keep a part of the principal amount of the loan for their personal use.

Private loan Singapore is a very risky thing to take due to these illegal lenders. These types of lenders are also called loan sharks in the market and Ah Long in the Singaporean language. These are the lenders who are trying to make a profit for themselves and ruining the name of others.

So there are different corporations made which are working on solving this matter. These are Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) and also the moneylender credit Bureau (MLCB). They work every night and day to separate the illegal ones from the legal ones. This helps the people to easily recognize the legal lender and then take a loan from them.

What are the things to do before borrowing from a licensed moneylender?

Here is a list of things that you have to do before you take a loan from the licensed moneylender.

  •  Check your ability to abide by the terms

This means that before you borrow the loan, you have to check the terms and conditions. Then you will have to see if you can abide by or complete all the payments mentioned in this policy. This means that you have to check all the terms and conditions before you sign the contract.

  •  What is the interest rate which lender can charge

The maximum amount of interest rate that is allowed to be taken by the lender is 4%. If any lender is charging you more than 4%, then you should not take the loan from them.

  •  Other fees that can be taken

They can take different charges, but these are also limited by the MinLaw. They can take late repayment fees of up to $60 per month on the current policy. They can also take 10% principal amount of the loan as an administrative charge.

  •  Beware of caveats

This is like a hidden charge which some of the lenders create on the borrowers’ property without informing them. This is an illegal thing to do, and those caught doing this will be fined, jailed, and their business closed.

When you want to take a personal loan in Singapore, you must know about some important things about a personal loan as it is very easy to take a personal loan in Singapore. But you have to be eligible for a personal loan. It is very important to take a loan with a low-interest rate. If you are not getting a loan with a low-interest rate, then you will face many problems. You may pay more for a personal loan.  If you find a personal loan in Singapore, you will buy many things through the personal loan amount.

A personal loan in Singapore is not much difficult to get. You find many banks and companies are providing personal loans in Singapore. Many private money lenders are also providing loans for personal loans. If you get a personal loan in Singapore, then you will get all things easily.

If you have read all the needed documents, you will get a personal loan at a very low-interest rate. These personal loans are very good for some service person, and some business person as many service persons are not getting a good thing through their salary amount So that they take personal loans for their personal use.

How does a Credit score increase through a personal loan?

  1. Suppose you are a service person, and you will take a personal loan for your personal use. In that case, you have to fulfill some eligibility criteria of all banks and loan provider companies. If you are a business person, then you will also take a personal loan.
  2. When you take a personal loan with a low-interest rate, you have to go through some important steps. Many banks and money lenders will give you a loan with a low-interest rate.
  3. When you fulfill all the necessary steps to get a personal loan, the loan amount will automatically credit your account.
  4. You will then pay monthly EMIs, and you can pay the loan amount along with the installments.
  5. If you regularly pay your installments, then your credit score will increase. And you will easily get any loan in the future.
  6. Once your credit score increases, then in the future, you will get many benefits as you can apply for any big loan.
  7. In this way, your credit score will increase through the personal loan. If you fail to give the installments regularly, your credit score will decrease, and you face many future problems.
  8. You can’t get a loan in the future. As your credit score will not so good so that any bank and money lender will not agree to give you any loan.
  9. A credit score is very much important for any loan. So that if you are taking a loan, you must have to fulfill all the installments regularly. When you take a personal loan sg, then you have to pay regular installments.

How do you will be eligible to take a personal loan?

If you want to take a loan from any bank or any other loan provider company, you have to go through some simple procedures that the bank and loan provider company should follow. So before you take a loan from a bank or any other moneylenders, you have to fulfill some eligibility criteria. These are discussing below.

  1. To take a personal loan from any bank or other moneylenders, you must do a brief research on it. You must have to know the 24-hour Money Lender in Singapore and their eligibility criteria.
  2. All companies and banks set their different eligibility criteria. Before you take a personal loan, you need to know about all the things that a bank or money lender provides.
  3. If you want to take a loan, you need to collect all the documents that the bank or money lender needs before collecting all the documents. You need to talk to your loan executive, who will help you to take the personal loan.
  4. You have to submit some important documents like your id proofs and some bank statements and your salary slip if you are a service person.
  5. According to your income statement, the bank or the moneylender will decide the loan amount you should provide.
  6. After that, the loan amount will debit to your bank account, and you can use it for various purposes.
  7. If you are a business person, then you need to give your monthly bank statement through which the moneylender and the bank will decide the loan amount.
  8. You have to pay your monthly EMIs against the loan regularly. If you are regularly paying it, then you will get a good credit score. For which you will be able to take a big loan in the future.

These are some important criteria to fulfill before you take a personal loan. To get a personal loan at a very low-interest rate, you need to follow the bank’s rules or the moneylender provides. After that, you will take the money from the loan. The loan amount will directly credit to your bank account. And you will start a new business by using that loan money. You will not face any problem if your documents are ready and correct. You can easily get a personal loan.

A credit score will be very necessary for everyone because it helps to take any big loan in the future. If you regularly pay the installments, then you will get a good credit score. This credit score will increase your loan amount. And you will get benefitted so that it is very important to pay your loan amount regularly.

If you are taking a personal loan in Singapore, you will easily find much private money lenders who will give you a loan. This loan amount you will get in the liquid from. So before you take a personal loan, you discuss all the necessary things with your loan executive. He or she will help you to get a loan easily. A loan executive will guide you to take a loan, and he or she will help you step by step.

If you want to know about the essentials of home cinema London? We made it easy for you. Here are the vital points to think about when picking a residence theater system:

  • The TV. If you don’t already have television to build your home cinema around, you’ll require one. If you do have a TV as well as it’s not a 4K HDR TV, consider obtaining a new one because they are remarkable. Plus, provided all the connection alternatives built-in, you are going to be set for your future. Nowadays new smart TVs go way better to get connected to everything, whether components, streaming sound, or video, thanks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and so on.
  • Your room. Some residence theater systems have larger speakers, some have smaller ones. Technically, larger is preferable when it involves audio quality; however, particular brand names provide medium and small-sized audio speakers that kick significant derrière despite their dimension. The point: Provided your space’s style, size, as well as design choices, think about what size audio speakers you desire from a decor viewpoint, which will likewise drive your receiver selection. P.S. Some larger audio speakers are seriously eye-catching, some speakers are really discreet, as well as some are made to be hidden in wall surfaces as well as ceilings.
  • Streaming devices. A remarkable side advantage of getting a home theater? The right house cinema receiver can double as a multi-talented center for streaming almost anything, sound from your computer system, tablet, or phone, and can use online apps like Qobuz, Spotify, and TIDAL. What’s more, when you have cordless speakers in your home, the home cinema receiver can tap into those as well, so you can play your music all over your house.

Or simply skip the rest of this as well as search for the best home theater equipment of 2021. Then tap yourself on your back. You are going to have what the specialists are calling several of the best residence theater systems from anywhere, at any cost.

Bone-chilling crime movies are something that people enjoy watching these days. There are so many Indian movies online that come with sinister crime genres that will make you ask for more. OTT platforms, such as AHA, have taken the responsibility to stream some of the best crime movies online, which come with cliffhangers and plot twists along with a hint of thriller. But you are interested in checking some crime dramas, why not go for Forensic? A movie that you will love watching


Forensic is a crime thriller drama created under the direction of Anas Khan and Akhil Paul. It’s produced by Siju Mathew, Navis Xaviour, and Raju Malliath.

The film’s characters are portrayed by stars, such as Mamta Mohandas, Reba Monica John, Tovino Thomas, Srikant Murali, and many more. The movie follows the inexplicable disappearances of young girls from a particular city. To solve the case, a woman police officer and a medico-legal advisor team up together to catching the killer.

The story

Rithika Xavier, a headstrong police officer, is leading a police team to investigate the murder of a child in Thiruvananthapuram. She realizes that there is a serial killer on the loose. To uncover the killer behind the murders of young girls, Rithika is paired up with Samuel John Kattukaran, who is a genius forensic scientist. Both Rithika and Samuel have an old connection. Many things are waiting to be uncovered to lead both Sam and Rithika towards the actual killer who is behind all these murders and other sinister activities.

The Analysis

When Sam makes an entry, right from the presentation and treatment of the character till the very end, showed who will be the one to crack the case. Tonivo did an excellent job in portraying as a forensic scientist. His every gesture and approach were marvelous and well-timed. Each of the scenes was set up with the obvious intent to give him the chance to prove his smartness. The movie writers have invested so much of their precious time deceiving the audience about the serial killer’s identity.

When it was close to the interim, the identity of the killer was provided on a platter. Each actor did an outstanding job, and their acting was on point, but several of the violence, especially applied to kids, was disturbing. It would’ve been much better if the makers were a bit high-strung in several cases. They could’ve given the thrills and chills without showcasing the gore involving minors. The camera work was brilliant and focused on some of the main areas that required it.

Parting Thoughts

Forensic is a movie, which is not for the faint heart. It has ideal scenes for the young audience, and it’s advised that you watch with your family members. Similar to Forensic, you will come across numerous other movies that carry the thriller, suspense, and crime title on them. Make sure to register on the best OTT channel to enjoy fast, free, and some of the best Telugu movies online of all time.

Features of online betting

The main factor is we don’t need to pay excessive taxes on horse race betting. This allows you to place your bet without any hesitation. Live Grambling is a significant property most bookmakers provide you and many other punters.

This feature is flawless for Indian gamblers, as it allows you to keep updated on all of the upcoming contest, permits you to get the essential highlights of the event in the present time and place various kinds of the live wager. It brings up the enthusiasm of the race track straight on your computer screen.

You simply required to follow the below steps:

  1. Drag over to the online bookmaker before the race starts.
  2. Make sure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account.
  3. Search for a live or ‘in-play Grambling division of the bookmaker.
  4. Find the racecourse on which you want to bet and place your stake.
  5. See whether your horse finishes the line for a huge payout.

Live Horse Racing Betting Tips

As there is hardly any time for someone to check and analyze every horse’s performance and efficiency, as well as whatsoever associated with the racecourse.

Therefore, it becomes essential to follow some tips and tricks that will help you to become smart and luckier at live horse racing betting.

1) Gain information about the raceway where the horse race will take place; you can search either by a browser or the official Web page for more information, take a look at how big the racecourse is and what is the condition it.

2) Research the several horses that will participate in the race you can look for,

 – How well these horses have accomplished in the same situations;

 – What was their practise pattern;

 – Condition and age of that particular horse;

3) Look for the coach and jockey

The way the horse is handled by the trainer and the past achievement of the coach and jockey (mainly if they ever have ridden any other horse in the past).

4) Check what the weather forecast is, on the race day as weather can affect the horse’s agility

Check for High winds or wet ground due to rain, high winds and hot or cool weather.

5) Come early to the bettor to start placing any of the bets

 – choose in advance what type of bet you have to wager

  – Try to get there 30 minutes before the race timing to start

Just by following up on these tips and tricks, you can easily have your chance to win the live horse race betting. Unfortunately, you need to have a bit of strong luck with it. At the last moment, anything can happen anytime.

Therefore, you mustn’t place your bets according to the tips and tricks mentioned above. If you do not want to lose a big amount of your money, you must place your bets on more than one horse. In this way, you can play the betting game safely and wisely.

Before starting any business, it is important to have an appropriate plan to ensure the benefits out of the business. This business plan can be considered as a milestone for the business and as soon as you achieve all the targets enlisted in the plan, you must update it for the next achievements. If you are looking for a successful and full-proof business plan then here are our tips to write a business plan (เขียนแผนธุรกิจ, which is a term in Thai). Let’s grab them now! 

Tips For A Perfect Business Plan 

Although there cannot be any concrete tip that will be applicable for all businesses across the globe, based on some specific research and studies, we have come up with these tips that will help you to begin your plan perfectly. 

  1. Make a blueprint of the business idea in your mind. 
  2. Roam around the market to assume success. 
  3. Put your ideas on paper.  
  4. Based on your research, make the necessary changes in the ideation. 
  5. Consult a business planner (having a concrete idea will always help in consultation). 
  6. Ask him/her about the necessary doubles (this involves branding, promotion, online optimization, etc.)
  7. Then write a concrete business plan.

This has been beneficial for several businesses all over the world to make them successful ones. Some people think it is unnecessary to make a perfect business plan before starting a business or take the fact lightly. But having a plan always helps to run a successful business and get a beneficial return. 

Businesses are subjected to face a lot of ups and downs and you must be prepared mentally and financially for any kind of outcome. You shouldn’t be optimistic when there is a boon in the business and shouldn’t be pessimistic if you face excessive losses. Rather if you get good results for the business, you must find ways to gain more and more profit and continue your efficiency. On the other hand, if you face uncertain outcomes or losses, then you must work hard and update your business proforma to start your business in newer ways instead of giving up on the existing ideas. All these things play a great role in making a successful business plan and make you beneficial and the winner always. 

Whether you are buying a new ATV/UTV or you just prefer to bring your own ATV/UTV on your big vacation along with you, you can always take the help of any car shipping company. 

Usually, shipping coast-to-coast will not be too easy for ATV transport but Ship a Car, Inc. can be your best choice for all kinds of vehicle transport needs.  With the help of their specialized ATV/UTV transport agents, your all issues will be addressed and you will get the best customer service, safe pickup, fast shipping, and delivery at very affordable prices.

What is an ATV?

ATV is a short form of an all-terrain vehicle, which is defined as a vehicle having the following characteristics: 

  • Wheels and tires

Usually, ATVs have either 3 or 4 wheels. Tires are generally kept at a much lower pressure than standard car/UTV tires.

  • Steering

The operator can easily steer the ATV by using its handlebars.

  • Seating/passenger capacity

The operator on an ATV will be seated in a straddle position. They are meant for just one rider, and a few are made for carrying the operator and a passenger.

  • Speed and handling

ATVs should be appropriately sized for the operator. If operated safely and correctly, then ATVs can offer a quick and nimble way to transport over different terrain.

  • Braking and acceleration

Most ATVs have a thumb throttle, which controls acceleration. To brake, operators can either use the brake handle or its foot pedal.

  • Safety equipment

ATV operators must consider wearing protective clothing, gloves, boots, and should always wear a helmet.

  • Cabin

Usually, ATVs are open and without a cabin. However, some do have roll bars.

  • Uses

ATVs are a valuable tool as quick transportation means over rough ground. However, mainly they are used for recreation, like trail riding or racing.

What is a UTV?

UTV is a short form of Utility Terrain Vehicle used more for work rather than recreation and having the following characteristics.

  • Wheels and tires

UTVs like a car, have got 4 standard-wheelbases however, they may have more wheels for a certain special purpose.

  • Steering

The UTV handles are quite similar to a car rather than an ATV and can be controlled using a steering wheel.

  • Passenger Seating Capacity

Usually, in a UTV between 2 and 4 passengers can ride safely. Passengers can sit side by side too. 

  • Speed and handling

Comparatively, UTVs are much faster and powerful than ATVs. Their maximum speed is between 25 mph to 50 mph.

  • Braking and acceleration

In UTV, both acceleration and braking are controlled by foot pedals.

  • Safety equipment

Seatbelts are considered the standard, and also an option available to add a windshield and roll bars. UTVs are safer than ATVs.

  • Cabin

Most UTVs have a cabin. Oftentimes it is similar to the roof on any golf cart. Fully enclosed cabins are also available.

  • Uses

UTVs having lots of storage space and can be used for hauling feed, and supplies on farms. Also, not uncommon at schools, for transporting water jugs and sports equipment.

The transition to Medicare can be daunting to some. However, if they have someone to guide them, the process becomes much smoother. You can be that perfect guide to help older relatives plan for Medicare in 2021.

There are several steps involved when transitioning to Medicare. Once you’ve learned who those are, you’ll be ready to help any Medicare-eligible person in your family.

Figuring out their Initial Enrollment Period

The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is the first Medicare enrollment period your older relatives will experience. Their IEP is a seven-month window that starts three months before their 65th birthday month and ends three months after.

For example, if your mom’s 65th birthday is in July, her IEP will begin April 1st and ends October 31st. However, if her birthday falls on the 1st of the month, her IEP is moved up one month. So, instead, it will start on March 1st and ends on September 30th.

During the IEP, your older relatives can apply for Medicare Parts A and B. If they apply during the first three months of their IEP, their Part A and Part B will start on the 1st of their 65th birthday month (or on the 1st of the month before their 65th birthday month if they have a birthday that falls on the 1st).

You can help your older relatives during their IEPs by assisting them with the online application, getting together important forms and documents when needed, or helping them decide if they need both Medicare parts, just one, or neither at that time. If they’re covered by a large employer, they may be able to delay Medicare past their IEP.

Comparing their Medicare plan options with them

Once enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, your relatives will have the option of enrolling in a Medigap or Medicare Advantage plan. The purpose of these plans is to limit their out-of-pocket spending on medical services. They can only enroll in one or the other, so you can help them compare each option so they can decide which type of plan is likely the best fit for them.

Medigap plans pay secondary to Original Medicare Parts A and B. They cover things such as the Part A and B coinsurance as well as the Part A deductible. For example, Medigap plan G covers these Original Medicare cost-sharing expenses and all others except the Part B deductible. If they decide a Medigap plan is right for them, they will have six months from their Part B effective date to enroll in a Medigap plan without underwriting.

Medicare Advantage plans pay instead of Original Medicare. When enrolled in one of these plans, your relative will receive coverage for their medical care through a private insurance carrier. With a Medicare Advantage plan, they will still have cost-sharing expenses. However, they will be protected by a maximum out-of-pocket limit.

If they decide a Medicare Advantage plan is the right fit, they will have three months before their Part A effective date, the month of, and three months after, to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Comparing Part D plans with them

Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage. Most Medicare beneficiaries will need Part D when they are first eligible, so they don’t receive a late enrollment penalty. However, if your relative enrolls in a Medicare Advantage plan, odds are the Advantage plan already includes a Part D plan.

If they have a Medigap plan or no Medicare plan, they will need to enroll in a Part D plan when first eligible. The period to enroll in a Part D plan is the same period they would use to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

There are several Medicare Part D plans, each covering a different set of medications at different costs. This is the part of Medicare that your older relatives could use the most help with as Part D can be a very confusing program. Help them come up with a list of their prescription drugs, the dosing, and their preferred pharmacies. Then, use the Medicare Plan Finder Tool with them to compare the Part D plans in their area to find which plan is most cost-effective for their specific medications.


Medicare is a maze. Having someone as a guide or even just an extra set of eyes and ears to retain all the information could be just what your older relatives need. They’ll thank you for it later.

Anyone who has decided to throw their own party, organize a celebration for a good friend or organize a family celebration, is usually not satisfied with “standard”. It has to be something special and shouldn’t be a celebration that is boring or ordinary.

In order to set something like this off, not only good tips are important, but also your own creativity and a good portion of planning and organizational skills. If you don’t think so, you can of course have the party organized. So we now have 2 options to organize a party:

  • Organize the party yourself
  • Have the party organized by a service provider

Organize yourself, this is how every party works: the first tips

The first step before anything is concerned is to create a “to-do” list that lists all important work steps. A previous brainstorming session can be helpful so that you can illuminate ideas from many angles and possibly also get new ideas. Even if this list sounds cumbersome and annoying at first, the importance of this list cannot be repeated enough. Invest time in this list and work through it step by step.

Note: The “to-do list” is the most important ally when it comes to perfectly organizing a good party. This is the only way to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

The following key points should be on the list:

What is the motto of the celebration?

  • Location
  • guest list
  • Eat, drink, buffet
  • Genres of music
  • DJ

Decorative elements

In the invitation it should already be mentioned by when an acceptance or rejection should be made. This is the only way to continue planning professionally. Everything else is a hobby party.

  • Select the party location
  • Party guests are satisfied and have fun
  • The motto sets the tone

With a funny party motto you can put the icing on the cake and give it that certain spice. Depending on the occasion the party is celebrating, you may be somewhat restricted and not every motto fits.

Organize food and drink

A party without food is like a car without wheels and practically doesn’t work at all. If you are organizing a cocktail party , not only plan one cocktail, but make at least 5, including anti-alcoholic ones. We have a separate post on the subject of eating & drinking at a party, so we will only go into it very briefly. You shouldn’t skimp on food, because a growling stomach doesn’t like to party. If the guests are strengthened and the alcohol tastes good, then the party can be all the harder. The same you may have to arrange on the Party Bus Toronto as well as it ready for such journeys. All the arrangements are perfectly done there with the right atmosphere created right there.

A good option for many guests is the classic buffet. This can be done very nicely and of high quality and everyone can take it whenever they want. Serving extra courses only makes sense for smaller celebrations, otherwise it will simply be too time-consuming. A list with all the ingredients for salads, bread, dips and snacks is of course on the to-do list.

Most people like to use the best feng shui for bedroom (ฮวงจุ้ยห้องนอนที่ดี, which is the term in Thai), as it gives them positive vibes when they start their morning. So, to make your days happening, you need to apply the Feng Shui philosophy in your life, and the bedroom can be the best place to use the philosophy.

You sleep on an average of about 6-8 hours. Therefore, when you use the best feng shui for the bedroom to absorb the positive energies while sleeping.In this article, we will help you pick up some of the best feng shui that you need to use in your bedroom.

Use Head Board

You might not find anything good about the headboards. But, the headboard has a lot of quality. A headboard resembles the stability and support in your life. Moreover, headboards also represent your romantic relationships. So, make sure you fasten the Headboards securely to the bed, which can help you further to enjoy your romantic life with your partner.


Things you store underneath your bed impact the energies. When you sleep, the item you keep under the bed can interact with your passive “yin” state. Anything that is not meant to be underneath your mattress must be removed. The items like Shoes, the letter from the ex, luggage need to be placed somewhere else. You need to clear the space under your bed and let the qi (life energy) flow freely around you when you sleep.

EMFs in the Bedroom

The presence of electric device disrupts sleep and affects the circadian rhythms. If you are suffering from a lack of quality sleep, you need to consider lowering the EMF in your room. For that, you need to cut down the electronic device in your room. Therefore, it is the best feng shui for the bedroom you can try and enjoy sleep quality.

Feng Shui-Friendly Colors

You need to choose the color in your bedroom that resembles your lifestyle and desires. If you need more passion in your bedroom, then a few splashes of red color can help increase the passion in your life. Just like red, every color resembles something. For instance, green and earthy neural color provides comfort, whereas blues are good for healing. Therefore, pay attention to what color attracts you the most and what you get from seeing the color.