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There is no betterplace to visit for fun and entertainment in Thailand than an online casino site. It is the home of entertainment for all and there is no way you will not find the perfect games for you here. Thanks to online casino sites, youwill not have to travel to a land based casino before you can have all the fun and entertainment you can ever hope for. Online casinos offer incomparable privacy. Are you a public person and you do not want people to know that you playcasino games? You may, therefore, not able to visit a land based casino to avoid publicity. You can simply visit an online casino site where you can have fun for as long as you can ever desire right there in the comfort of your home without anyone knowing that you pay casino games. You will be free toplay virtually any game of your choice online, including บาคาร่า.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the many featuresthat make online casino sites the best places to visit for all the fun and entertainment you can ever desire in Thailand.

Play for free

When you play your casino games online, you will have the opportunity toplay the games for free without spending a dime. This is one benefit you cannot get when you play your casino games at a land based casino. So, it is in your best interest to visit an online casino site for entertainment and you will surely never regret it. Many online casino sites in Thailand offer bonuses to enable their registered members to enjoy บาคาร่า or any other online casino game for that matter.  The bonuses can be used to play any game and you can even make provide and withdrawal without paying a dime. If you do not have money on you but desire to play casino games, you should simply head over to an online casino site.

99Bets canbe trusted

If you do not want to make the wrong choice when choosing an online casino site in Thailand, one online casino site you can always trust for incomparable quality is none other than 99Bets. This site has proved itself to be outstanding in all sense of the word. The site offers great bonuses that can help you to play casino games with complete ease online and you can enjoy the games offered here for as long as you can ever desire without spending a dime. You canuse the bonus to play any of the games on the site also.

Are you finding a place to know accurate scores of your favourite game? Unogoal is just for you. With an accurate real-time match score, users can now browse live predictions and even calculate odds with legitimacy. The website provides you with a superior real-time score to the one who engaged in betting without any lag or time-lapse so that they never miss a moment of win. Unogoal covers half of the world and their international, national, and local sports. The game enthusiasts can now watch the live real-time scores sitting at their homes, office, or anywhere around the globe.

Using UNOGOAL, users can now use the premier feature of knowing the match fixtures, archives, special odds calculator, and the live prediction of win along with the live real-time match score. 

Unogoal offers you a wide range of games to enjoy, also the real-time live scores of the same. The thrill of the gaming geeks peaks when they get a hustle-free real-time live score without any interruption and delay of the sport or league of their choice, and this is what Unogoal does. It provides all this to the user without any cost. Yes! You read right, and It’s free of cost. 

Benefits of using UNOGOAL

There are too many benefits of using Unogoal. It gives you a real-time live score with a smooth experience of browsing.

  • Clean and Stock website – The Unogoal real-time live-score site is clean and free from bloatware and malware. The users may avail the perks without any interruption.
  • Multi-gamming platform – Unogoal gives a platform for different kinds of games in a single place. Sports like, Football, basketball, tennis, baseball, etc., are available with their real-time live scores. Unogoal also supports E-sports by proving a special section of the same.
  • Live Real-time prediction tab – the Unogoal is equipped with a real-time live prediction feature for the users. This feature is engraved to deliver the best to the users and vives of Unogoal. The prediction tab helps users in batting.
  • Dedicated odds Calculator – the website helps the gaming geeks to calculate the odds or win or lose so that they can predict the game and place their bets accordingly. 
  • Mobility and best experience in hand – the gaming devotees can now get their trilling experience at a remote place, anywhere around the world, as the Unogoal real-time live-score is available and compatible with all smartphones, desktops, and PCs.
  • Diverse games – half of the world is connected to Unogoal, so it lets you fetch the real-time live scores of the games organized over 50+ nations.
  • Seamless Betting experience – the Unogoal is dedicated to the users. Hence, it accommodates them with all the necessities, which can corroborate a seamless betting experience. 

Why only UNOGOAL

UNOGOAL is a user-friendly site and gives you the best experience of fetching live real-time scores or betting. All the components of the best websites are engraved, and Unogoal is dedicated to improving the user’s demands. 

If you think you are made for betting, or you want to check the live scores, real-time predictions, or want to calculate the winning or losing odds of your choice, so join Unogoal for the seamlessly best experience. 

This website is designed to provide the best experience to the users.

Directional drilling is a popular method that is used in various development industries. It is not only used in oil and gas explorations, but also in installing pipes and utility cables underground.

This drilling method offers a lot of benefits compared to the more traditional open-cut trenching. It is not only cost-efficient, but also has a low impact on the environment, making it ideal in areas where vertical drilling is not practical or possible.

Installing oil and gas pipelines, water lines, power cables and telecommunications lines are important undertakings which should only be carried out by qualified and experienced contractors for technical, environmental, safety and economical reasons.

If you are currently in search of an hdd contractor to work with, below are the considerations to look at:

  1. Check your budget.

When looking for a contractor for your directional drilling project, the first thing to look at is your budget. Drilling services are an investment whose cost may blow out of proportion if you don’t keep your budget in mind.

You may want to look at the costs of drilling services being offered by the contractors you have shortlisted. It is important to go through their package inclusions, such as manpower, equipment rental, and if they are also going to take over administrative tasks like securing permits.

Keeping your budget in mind also helps in maintaining timelines and resource utilisation. Once it starts, the drilling activity would have to work in its assigned tasks using prescribed equipment and labour resources within specific deadlines to avoid delays that result in spending more money.

  1. Check the company’s reputation.

Experience matters. It shows not just the ability of the contractor to do the job, but how they do it right. Like other service-oriented industries, drilling tasks are honed through experience.

In this regard, you may want to go through the drilling company’s years of existence in the industry, as well as their previous and ongoing projects, and the types of clients that they have handled. This way, you can gauge whether their services (and how they do the job) are suitable for your drilling project.

  1. Check the company’s reputation.

Aside from checking their years of experience, it is also essential to go through the company’s reputation. You would want to know what industry players think about the drilling contractor you intend to work with. Are most of them satisfied with the contractor’s performance? Have there been complaints and disputes filed against the drilling company?

Company reputation has a lot to say about the contractor’s overall ability to do the drilling project. Working with a reputable HDD contractor saves you from unnecessary hassle that you may encounter during the drilling job.

  1. Check the location of the contractor.

Aside from budget, experience, and reputation, the location of the contractor plays a crucial role in a successful drilling job. Working with someone located near your area entails a faster job since the equipment is easy to transport and the contractor already has some knowledge about the land (type of soil, proximity to bodies of water, etc.).

It may be difficult to work with an hdd contractor outside your locality, as it means they would have to import their resources in order to start the job. This would mean more costs for transport compared to hiring a company within your area.

  1. Full Insurance

Projects involving underground drilling are fraught with danger. Top directional drilling companies are aware that their employees will be operating heavy machinery and that accidents can occur at any time. As a result, they start preparing early.

A dependable contractor goes the extra mile to ensure that all of the employees are fully insured at all times as part of their constant dedication to safety. Any drilling contractor that isn’t insured is likely to cause you problems in some way. Stay clear from such businesses for your own piece of mind.



Choosing the right contractor is one of the most critical components of a successful underground drilling project. But this doesn’t have to be a stressful procedure. You can identify a contractor who has the traits you need for your job by doing some research and following a checklist.

Are you looking to fund the capital requirements of your business? If yes, then you need to read this article from start to bottom for complete information on getting an SME loan. It is very easy to get money for a big firm because of the name and a strong credit score which will help to get business loans. You should know that there are many requirements of a business firm where financial assistance is required. Here, it is very important for you to know that a small or medium enterprise faces many difficulties to get financial assistance. In this case, you should know that there are many money lenders in Singapore who can provide you with business loans.

It is very tough to find an efficient and best money lenders who can provide you with business loans. We all know that businesses can fall in need of money at any point of tenure. This is because money is required again and again due to the changing market conditions. You should know that it is important for you to be prepared with the sources of getting financial assistance. Here, you should know that applying for a business loan includes a complete procedure that is to be followed. In this case, you can apply for a business loan from any money lender to get financial assistance.

You should know that the procedure of applying for an SME loan is to be followed. In this case, there are some of the major steps to be taken to apply for a business loan in Singapore. The procedure of applying for a business loan is different with different licensed money lenders. It is very important for you to get through with the procedure of applying for an SME business loan in Singapore. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at how to apply successfully for an SME loan in Singapore.

  1. Formulate a business plan

It is very important for you to be ready with a business plan for your firm with the loan amount received. The licensed money lender will take into consideration the use of money received as a business loan. In this case, you should mention your complete plan of using the business loan received.

A business plan means the steps to be taken after receiving the loan amount from any licensed money lender. It is easy to get financial assistance in the form of SME business loans. The reason behind it is that these money lenders require a complete plan of using the loan amount and plans with it.

In this case, you should state and mention the complete plan which is formulated to use the amount received as a business loan. The application for seeking financing assistance in the form of a business loan should include the plan to use a business loan received from a licensed money lender.

  1. Do not hide information
  • There is no smartness is not sitting the facts and correct information in front of the licensed SME loan provider. This is because these money lenders will ask for complete transparency and accountability for every information required from the end of the loan borrower.
  • As this loan is usually issued for the sake of a business, you need to disclose information related to the business in the application. It is seen that many business firms looking for financial assistance tend to hide the confidential data required. The reason behind it is that these money lending agencies used to leak personal information.
  • Now, you do not have to worry about the same because you should not hide the information from the end of a business. You must provide each and every account and data required to apply successfully for an SME loan for your firm. To sum up, this is one of the major steps to apply for an SME loan in Singapore successfully.
  1. Provide true and fair documents

The licensed money in Singapore will ask for documents related to the business. You should know that while applying for a loan, you need to submit all the required documents to the licensed money lender. The reason behind this that these documents will be used by the licensed money lender.

In this case, you should not make any default while submitting all the documents required. You should know that you are bound to submit the required documents without any default. This will help you to get a company loan Singapore much faster from these licensed moneylenders in Singapore.

Here, you must avoid submitting fake documents to hide the details of your firm. The reason behind this is that these documents will be considered while approval of the SME loan by a licensed money lender. To sum up, you must submit all the required documents by a licensed money lender.

Labuan Bajo is a small fishing town located on the island of Flores, in eastern Indonesia, and will be now the destination for those who wish to see Komodo National Park and watch that the world’s most giant lizards, the Komodo Dragons; see the beauties of Pink Beach, the pink sandy shore of Flores; and also have a stroll to get a breathtaking perspective of Padar Island. As a result of its calm atmosphere, the place is home to backpackers and luxury travelers, offering lodging options going from hostels, hotels, and boats that range from simple to luxury, with prices that easily surpass US$ 1,000. Discover here to stay in Labuan Bajo, such as options for all tastes (and budgets).

  • One Tree Hill Hostel (rates starting at $10)

If you’re on a budget, it’s somewhat challenging to find a great budget hotel in Labuan Bajo (with a great view). The best budget hotel in Labuan Bajo at the moment is One Tree Hill Hostel. It’s a bit of a distance from the town center, but the location on the cover of the hill is one of the things which make this hostel wonderful. Aside from the view, the guests also like the hospitality and the cleanness of the hostel.

  • Sylvia Hotel (rates starting at US$ 50)

Sylvia Hotel is a neighbor to Ayana Komodo and has 50 rooms, a pool, and also provides boats that take excursions to Komodo National Park and Rinca Island. From the resort’s sandy strip, you can enjoy a variety of water activities, in addition to drinking and eating from the indoor restaurant that offers Exotic cuisine and international dishes.

  • Ayana Komodo (rates starting at US$ 220)

In the luxury class, we have Ayana Komodo, the hotel I decided to stay in Labuan Bajo. It’s found near the airport, about 15 minutes away, and still has that newly opened air since it opened its doors in 2018. Here, nature and luxury complement each other tremendously, as the hotel is situated on Waecicu Beach, and all 205 suites and rooms offer sea views.

Ayana has four main restaurants, the Japanese person called HonZEN, that will be extraordinary; the Kisik Grill, also a 10-table grill restaurant that’s well-placed in the sand – excellent to get a super intimate yet relaxing candlelit dinner; Particular Bar, a resort rooftop bar that’s one of the best places to watch the sunset; and Rinca, a multi-menu restaurant offering Western and Asian dishes.

Among the resort’s distinctive features is the exceptional pier where boats leave for their day trips, such as a day trip to Komodo National Park, visiting Padar Island, Rinca Island, and Pink Beach; excursion to Kalong Island to observe the giant bats of Flores island and half-day tour onto a glass-bottom ship that lets you respect the corals of Flores without needing to enter the water. The hotel also has adult pools with a bar and a children’s pool, gym, and spa.

  • Plataran Komodo (rates starting at US$ 230)

Additionally situated on Waecicu Beach, Plataran Komodo matches the definition of tropical paradise. It is a great staying choice to enjoy your days at Labuan Bajo, using its eight comfortable Javanese-style accommodations. The resort also provides a swimming pool, spa, and three restaurants: Xanadu, an open office pub and restaurant; Atlantis about the Rock, perfectly situated for watching the sunset and Atlantis Beach Club, and it will be close to Pantai Pede shore.

  • Sudamala Resort, Seraya Island (rates starting at US$ 270)

For those seeking a more private location in Labuan Bajo, this boutique hotel is perfect. With little lodging, Sudamala is situated on Seraya Island, at the northern portion of Komodo National Park, about 45 minutes away from the airport of Labuan Bajo. The hotel offers a luxurious and relaxing adventure as the 23 villas are located on the beach, allowing you to access the sea and do some snorkeling only a couple of steps from your room. One of the features of this lodging is the tropical style that blends with the place and with the island of Flores and a refreshing outdoor shower. In addition, groups of 4 could stay in a 2-bedroom villa with its own private infinity pool.

Planning to visit Labuan Bajo soon? Find out more about Labuan Bajo and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

As you play on situs slot online gampang menang  you need to understand what a random number generator is. The RNG keeps on to select constantly a series of number and because of that it can be able to range from the miniscule to several billions. It is a function which is known to take place whether the machine is in operation or not. Meaning that, even the slot machines which are unattended on the casino floor do generate several numbers each millisecond.

It need to be noted that the numbers which is generated are in a way not in a position to be determined by the forthcoming jackpot, the credit deposited numbers or whether the slots club card is not used or used. It doesn’t really matter the circumstances; the computer will keep on spitting out the numbers with impartiality.

Once the numbers get generated, it will be divided up by use of a formula which has been programmed in the slot machine. The number that results out that corresponds to the stop on the reel of the machine is the winning number.

What is a stop?

The way the name sounds, the stop is a point on the wheel for stopping. It might be a blank space a cherry symbol or the popular character in the movie’s face when it comes to a licensed game. For the older slots, they did have a smaller number of stop, which were about 10 on each reel.

That is something which has completely changed over the last decades and now you can be able to get 25 to about 50 stops. The reason behind it is that, the slots for the old school had images which were fixed on the reels, but when it comes to the video slots, they can be able to produce virtual icons whenever a need arises.

If you want the lowest interest rate personal loan Singapore, then instead of going with the vernacular method of money lending that is banks, opt for licensed money lenders. They will not charge more than 4% monthly, are trustworthy and will provide and approve loans faster when compared to banks.

You can compare the rates and choose the best personal loan rates Singapore online as well as offline. Let us first discuss how personal loan works.

How a personal loan actually works?

Once you fill out an application form for requesting to lend a personal loan, the money lenders or banks review your application and approve it within a day or two. You will receive money in a lump sum for months or even for days depending on the urgency of the situation. Then it will be your turn to repay the loan amount which is a certain interest which you chose to pay upon. Personal loans are of two types: secured and unsecured loans

  • Secured loans: these types of loan demands you to put up collateral, for example, if you want to borrow money then you will have to keep something at stake so that in case you are unable to repay the loan, the bank or licensed money lender will seize your property or valuables which you kept at stake.
  • Unsecured loan: these types of loans do not make you put up collateral but will definitely demand you to have a higher credit score limit. In case of any dispute or you not being able to repay the loan, the moneylender or bank has all the rights to file a complaint against you and you will always have the risk of being sued.

But there are situations wherein you can receive a personal loan even faster. Though there are separate specialised loan plans available for all the life events, people still opt for personal loans. This is because personal loans give faster approval, have minimal documentation, etc. which is missing in all other types of loan. But one should keep in mind that personal loan is a generalised loan which can’t provide as many facilities as a specialised loan will provide. However, if you still wish to continue with a personal loan, here are a few ways wherein you can use a personal loan as an alternative.

  1. An alternative to a payday loan: if you are stuck with your credit card bills because of financial hardship, then you might consider taking a personal loan for that. It is not advised to do so but can be the last option as credit card debts are worst.

  1. Home renovation: want to fix the dripping ceiling, cracked walls, install solar panels etc. but running short of money, then instead of applying for a house loan, you can go ahead with a personal loan. Personal loans are approved faster when compared to any other type of loan and they do not require tiresome paperwork or waiting for a long time. Also, personal loans will fit you better as they are less risky.

  1.  Moving costs: you may not need to buy a personal loan if you are moving over a short distance, but if you are shifting from one state to another or from one country to another then you might need to get one. Personal loans funds will help you in moving your personal and household belonging to different, new places, or organising old and new furniture in your new house. They will also take care of your transportation or shipping charges. But also keep in mind if you are taking out a loan, for this reason, you should save enough to pay off the debt later.

  1. Funeral and emergency: this can be hard to digest but in the worst-case scenario, if your spouse or father dies which happens to be the only person earning, then arranging a funeral, paying education and medical aliment fees, basic necessities etc. managing all of this can be very rough. In such cases, personal loans are here to support you and stay by your side.

  1. Vehicle financing: you can go with a personal loan for buying a new bike or car instead of a car loan. But remember that car loans are specifically designed for the above purpose and might have something better and certain speciality to offer a user which might not be the same case with a personal loan. Car loans will require more paperwork and demand patience but will be worth it in the end.

  1. Debt consolidation: it is considered as one of the most common reasons why people apply for personal loans. To pay multiple other loans or credit cards bills. In such scenarios try to combine or group all your pending repayment into one and pay them all within a month. People opt for personal loans in order to pay off their bills as the interest rates of personal loans is comparatively low. Lower interest rates reduce the chances of loss and increase the percentage of you being able to pay the loan before time.

  1. Wedding expense: it’s always a good idea to take a personal loan for events occurring once in a lifetime. One such being wedding function. Your personal loan for a wedding can range from as big as booking a venue, caterers, other arrangements and even bride’s attire, engagement ring etc. to as small as flowers, photographers, makeup artists, music or DJ etc.  Arranging all of them will consume your several month’s salaries which might not be handy. In such a case taking a personal loan is the best option available in the market.

Though personal loans can relieve you from any kind of financial problem quickly, there are certain places where you should opt for specially designed and assigned loans for better user experience.

If you distill this to the most basic, you likely don’t need anything greater than a good set of shoes, and even some joggers would suggest that you do not need footwear at all.

But thinking you’re not a nude runner who likes to tip on nails and rock, you need footwear. I do not really take into consideration those an accessory though; however, a provided. So, here are some real accessories you may take into consideration:

  • A method to lug water. If you do not run long, or you don’t run when it’s warm, this may not be a priority. Yet I reside in Florida, and it gets hot, as well as I like to not be dying of thirst. I have a range of means to lug water, from belts that include numerous bottles to a handheld container that straps across the back of my hand. I utilize the handheld unless I’m going to be out for a really long time.
  • I do not typically bring a budget, or recognition when running. This is not wise. Tip-off the aesthetic the upside-down, as well as end up, busted as well as subconscious and nobody will understand that you are or what clinical information they should recognize if they’re most likely to treat you. You can get a RoadID that straps to your shoe, or one as a wristband, and all your relevant info is right there if you require it. I never take this off my running shoes.
  • Handwear covers. I seldom utilize these at home, however, if I take a trip someplace chilly, amongst the most vital thing for me is to have warm hands when I run. Lightweight handwear covers that keep my hands warm, yet not hot, and provide me an area to clean the unavoidable drippy nose can be really beneficial.
  • I prefer this to a hat, as well as even sunglasses. It assists to maintain the sun out of your face but doesn’t make your head warm. Sunglasses often tend to trap sweat, haze up, diminish, as well as normally wind up in my pocket when I run.

Food is the most important source of energy. It’s a basic human need for living things to survive. Ever since the evolution of mankind, humans have tried to develop their food culture by various means. Cultivation and gardening were great discoveries, humans after discovering fire and how to control fire, started making food by cooking it on the fire or heat, this tasted better. So ever since humans were always trying to think ahead of time. Fruits and vegetables are found plenty in summer seasons, these foods are fresh and nutritious, but when it comes to winter, vegetables are not found in abundance, so to avoid hunger and starvation, humans started to practice food preservation. 

Food preservation is the way to keep the nutritious element of the food for the desired period. That is where the ancient practice of food preservation started. In modern times, many technologies have evolved but still hunger is a major problem in some parts of the world. So to avoid wastage of food and to get the optimum use of the food produced, foods like fruit and vegetable preservation (การ ถนอม ผัก, which is the term in Thai) are very important. Some foods by using some microorganism can make many wonderful beverages like wine, beer, and pickles are made by food preservation.

In this era of the supermarket and good storage facilities, people lack knowledge about fruit and vegetable preservation because all types of food and fruits are available in all seasons in these supermarkets, but it is very important to know about the basic methods of food preservation. These methods are very useful and prevail even in modern times in rural areas and in some traditional households where supermarkets are not readily available.

Some Of The Most Common Methods Of Fruit And Vegetable Preservations Are:


Drying is the method where fruits and vegetables are dehydrated and all the moisture is taken out of the food completely. Due to the lack of moisture, bacterial and yeast growth are restricted and thus preserving the food. The food is either air-dried or sun-dried or sometimes through smoking or freezing.


Canning refers to storing into some containers, vegetables, and fruits are cut into small pieces and then kept in a jar where it is heated to a high degree to kill any microorganism which can spoil the food.

Sugaring Or Salting

Salting and sugaring is a great form to preserve food. Salt and sugar due to osmotic pressure all the water out of the food.

In this article, we are going to talk about how a person can legally borrow money from a licensed lender. Also, how to know if they are licensed, who are licensed lender, and which are their prohibited practices.

Who are licensed moneylenders?

These are the people or a group of people who have been approved by the law to give loans to people. There are also several rules and regulations which they have to follow to give out loans. These rules have been set by the Ministry of Law, which was made by the Singapore government. These rules and regulations are followed by many lenders and are hence included in the list of licensed lenders.

They will only act as an agent who is responsible for lending money to the borrower. They will have to charge them all the fees and also interest rates according to the rules. If they want to be legal in the market, they have to follow everything that the law states. Then only will they be included in the list of the licensed lender, which is updated almost every month?

Moneylender Singapore gives you a lot of options from which you can choose according to your needs. They will give all the type of loan you want, and each will be of a different price. Also, there will be a huge difference between the interest rate on different loans available.

A licensed lender will never try to interact directly with a borrower as stated in the rules. This is because some of the illegal lenders will meet them and threaten them into taking the loan. So this is the reason why the lender is not allowed to meet the borrower virtually. By virtually, it means they should not even interact with the lender who meets them on call or through ads.

How to know if a moneylender is licensed or not?

It is made compulsory by the MinLaw that the people should know which are legal and which illegal. This is to save them from getting scammed in the market. Also, they can save their money this way. Moneylenders are strictly told not to contact borrowers through SMS, email, or phone call.

You should automatically know which lender is legal and which is illegal by this. The moneylender is also given some rules to give you loans at a fixed rate of interest. Also, the amount for which the loan can be given and also the fees are fixed. If you have to repay the late repayment fees, you only have to pay $60 a month.

These are some of the rules and regulation which all the lender have to follow to stay legal. They have also made this a compulsion that the lender can only take a maximum of 4% interest on all loans. If any of the lenders found breaking this law will be fined and also jailed.

The people can also report any kind of behaviour to the MinLaw, and they will investigate further. The licensed moneylender has a policy where they never try to contact or give anything online. They will have to meet face to face if they want to give a loan policy to the borrower.

What are some prohibited practices of moneylenders?

There is much different practice which a lender does, and some of them are prohibited. These prohibited activities can be used by the lender to scam some people. Here are some of the prohibited activities to look out for in a lender.

  • The use of abusive language and also an aggressive tone is used by the illegal lender.
  • The legal lender is never allowed to ask for your SingPass Id and also password.
  • They will not give back NRIC, Personal ID card, and also ATM card or passport.
  • They will never ask you to sign a blank contract before making the terms and conditions.
  • They are not even allowed to give out loans to the people before explaining to them the terms and conditions.
  • They cannot keep a part of the principal amount of the loan for their personal use.

Private loan Singapore is a very risky thing to take due to these illegal lenders. These types of lenders are also called loan sharks in the market and Ah Long in the Singaporean language. These are the lenders who are trying to make a profit for themselves and ruining the name of others.

So there are different corporations made which are working on solving this matter. These are Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) and also the moneylender credit Bureau (MLCB). They work every night and day to separate the illegal ones from the legal ones. This helps the people to easily recognize the legal lender and then take a loan from them.

What are the things to do before borrowing from a licensed moneylender?

Here is a list of things that you have to do before you take a loan from the licensed moneylender.

  •  Check your ability to abide by the terms

This means that before you borrow the loan, you have to check the terms and conditions. Then you will have to see if you can abide by or complete all the payments mentioned in this policy. This means that you have to check all the terms and conditions before you sign the contract.

  •  What is the interest rate which lender can charge

The maximum amount of interest rate that is allowed to be taken by the lender is 4%. If any lender is charging you more than 4%, then you should not take the loan from them.

  •  Other fees that can be taken

They can take different charges, but these are also limited by the MinLaw. They can take late repayment fees of up to $60 per month on the current policy. They can also take 10% principal amount of the loan as an administrative charge.

  •  Beware of caveats

This is like a hidden charge which some of the lenders create on the borrowers’ property without informing them. This is an illegal thing to do, and those caught doing this will be fined, jailed, and their business closed.