The French bulldog has a long history as a traditional companion dog, but do you know about the French bulldog’s personality? With his typical bat ears, the French bulldog has a more exclusive than rare charm. The French bulldog tends to defend its owner with tenacity and to follow him wherever he goes, showing an incredible attachment. In return he always wants to be in the center of his attention.

French bulldog Personality

French bulldogs are excellent watchdogs and are able to alert owners to strangers who approach, although it is not their style to bark for no reason. They can protect their home and family, and some will try to defend them strongly, even if they risk their lives. The Frenchie is an intelligent breed. Training them will be easy and fun. They are free thinkers and are not the ideal race to compete in obedience or agility competitions, although some accept the challenge positively. This free approach can also lead to a stubborn nature, so you need to arm yourself with a little patience.

Take care to keep the French bulldog in a cool and comfortable environment. Because it is susceptible to heat stroke, it needs an air-conditioned environment. In short, it is not really the dog that can stay outside on a hot day. Generally, the Frenchie dog gets along with everyone, including children. However, it can be particularly territorial and possessive, especially in the presence of other dogs. Socializing is a must for this breed, but with the ideal companion, it will certainly be an enjoyable task. With a pleasant and mischievous nature, the French bulldog needs to live with someone who is consistent, firm and patient. French bulldogs don’t need a lot of space and perform well in apartments or small houses.

More French bulldog personality traits

The French bulldog is a pet dog with a kind and affectionate character, very intelligent and extremely connected to the family to which he always asks for care and attention. Like the English bulldog, he is very lazy. He loves to sleep crouched on the sofa or close to the owner, although he has a good dynamism. An unmistakable characteristic of the character of this dog breed is the desire to always be cared for and pampered. His bond with the family and the owner also makes him an excellent watchdog, but despite his surly appearance, he is an adorable prankster.