Do you wish the flowers your boo gave you would bloom forever and provide you with a sense of ethereal wonder? They, however, do not. Take advantage of these easy methods before they become fossilized bookmarks. When these die, go to flower delivery Kuala Lumpur and get a new batch.

  • Even soda has its uses

You can finally put that empty bottle of Pepsi in the fridge to good use. Add roughly four teaspoons’ worth of baking soda to the water that is contained inside your flower vase. Adding some soda to your vase can help your flowers survive longer because of the sugar. Use clear sodas if you don’t want your foundation to be too colored.

  • Hairspray

In addition to being a useful tool in your hygiene routine, your preferred grooming implement may be used to preserve flowers. Spray the backs of the flower’s leaves and petals with hairspray from a foot away. The length of time the flowers retain their beauty is increased.

  • Vinegar from Apples, or Apple Cider

Aside from your regular hair maintenance, you don’t need any special equipment or knowledge to take good care of your flowers. Apple cider vinegar has several uses, including as a preservative and to aid with skin and hair care. Add two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar to the moisture in the vase. Vinegar and sugar should be added to new water every day.

  • Vodka

Vodka does more than just keep your spirits up; it also extends the life of your fresh flowers. Put two teaspoons of vodka and two teaspoons of sugar in the water of your flower vase. To prolong the life of the flowers, you should regularly change the vodka plus sugar solution.

  • Aspirin

Putting aspirin that has been crushed in water is both the most common and effective piece of advice for maintaining the freshness of cut flowers. The only piece of guidance we can provide is to mix in some freshly crushed aspirin into the water each day when you change it out.

  • Bleach

The quick deterioration of flowers is due to the rapid growth of bacteria in the water that they are maintained. To stop the blossoms from turning yellow, the water in the vase should be treated with some sugar and a little amount of bleach (approximately a teaspoon’s worth).

  • Sugar

Flowers may be preserved using sugar alone. If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned equipment, simply add three teaspoons of sugar every day and swap out the water every day.

If your florist PJ flowers don’t survive as long as you’d want, we hope your special someone brings you another bouquet as soon as possible. Flower delivery is a breeze when you order them online. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wish all my amours a wonderful week.