Hundreds and hundreds of Web companies with thousands of web hosting plans competing for the company can quickly become quite confusing. Furthermore, it is easy to see how someone who simply wants to start a Virtual Business and make money online can get discouraged easily. Also, all technical geek terms like bandwidth. With the growth of the online business, web hosting needs are growing and becoming complex. Free and low-cost web-hosting plans may have been good during the startup phase, but if the website becomes lent as it continues to grow and user traffic increases then web-hosting can begin to be strengthened.

Shared web hosting: 

The website is located on a server that other websites share. The benefit of this setup is the cost of sharing. The greatest drawback of a shared hosting account is that other websites on their server are at the mercy of people. A popular site can have negative effects on its site performance. However, they are the most popular website on the cheap servers and use a super server at a very low cost. 

Reseller Web Hosting: 

Reseller hosting packages are essentially a common hosting account with additional resources to resell hosting. Reseller packages provide more technological power, software charging to assist in the invoicing of customers and additional benefits.

Cloud-based web hosting: 

Cloud-based web hosting refers to a very modern hosting system allowing hundreds of servers to work together in a giant manner. The idea is to incorporate more commodity hardware as the needs expand, making the hosting company an increasingly larger grid or cloud.

Private Virtual Server: 

Virtual private servers share a physical server, but are different servers. A VPS is a step between shared accommodation and the development of their dedicated computer. Even if each VPS instance shares hardware resources, a particular portion of the computing resources is allocated.

Dedicated web server: 

If a customer has a dedicated server, it is a hosting company that rents one physical server. If people want it, they should have complete power. With a dedicated server, they do not need a shared server that takes up the energy and slows down the website to think about other websites.