Since the concept of spirituality has become popular, people have started adopting multiple healing techniques. While some are cleansing their aura, others are trying rare and precious stones to heal themselves in various ways.

Elite shungite is one such rare healing stone that is beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. Since each crystal has unique properties, shungite stone claims to have a peculiar property to protect you from the electromagnetic field.

Isn’t it interesting? Keep reading to take a closer look into the properties of this precious stone.

What is elite shungite?

Shungite is a rare rock that has 99% of carbon content and is available in the village named Shunga. Elite Shungite has a rare composition that includes fullerenes and all the possible minerals in the periodic table.

Even though researchers are studying the formation of this stone, they have confirmed specific properties that have a healing effect.

Benefits of elite shungite

While the theories lack solid scientific evidence on the benefits of the stone, spiritual facts firmly believe in it. Starting from the removal of free radicals to fight against pollutants and germs – shungite stone is known to hold these unique properties.

Antibiotic properties

Review studies prove that shungite can kill harmful pathogens by inducing cell lysis. It may not be directly beneficial to human diseases, but the composition of the stone is known to bring good health to people.

Water purification

Since the stone has antibacterial properties, it is also famous for purifying water. The stone can remove the pollutants and pathogens from the water alongside filtering the pesticides. In addition, many researchers claim that it can remove radioactive compounds present in industrial waste.

Keeping the two significant benefits of shungite in mind, one can infer several other benefits. Since all the gifts are interlinked to antibiotic properties, the stone helps prevent allergies, inflammation, and oxidative stress.

Different ways to use shungite

Since shungite is a rare stone, it is essential to understand the proper usage of the stone. This will help in getting the best out of the stone. Below are some ways to use it:

  • Infuse in water: It is beneficial in purifying the water. Hence, you can attach a shungite filter or infuse the stones in your water container.
  • Wear it as jewelry: The stone is available in beads and pendants. You can make bracelets, chokers, and small pendants out of it.
  • Place near EMF sources: If you feel that your exposure to electromagnetic waves is increasing, you can place them near WiFi routers and shield the radiation.
  • Showpiece: By putting the stone in your room or near the bed, you can destress yourself and improve your sleeping patterns.
  • Meditation: There are multiple ways to meditate using crystals. Hence, you can keep the stone near you or place it on your body during meditation.
  • Combine with other stones: Many spiritual healers believe in making jewelry with various healing stones. Hence, you can combine it with amethyst, quartz, turquoise, ruby, etc.

Being rich in carbon, it is the inherent property of shungite to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. In addition, you can easily use it for water purification and getting rid of emotional stress.

It might take some time for the factual research papers to come up, but you can always try experimenting with the stone. The stone is available from precious jewelry dealers, stone collectors, and spiritual stores.